Mustered Out on Mertactor


Leaving Elixabeth

Max and Autumn are both up at 5.30 in order to get ready for departure as Max checks the loading of the cargo while Autumn gets everything ready to welcome the new passengers.

Jan and Valencia are first to arrive, moving back into their regular staterooms.

The second pair to arrive are the two middle passengers, a somber pair, dressed in black for mourning, an older and younger woman. Their passports and ID’s show them to be a Mrs. Edwina Handerskuyt and daughter-in-law Juliana, both citizens of Dallia, formerly of Talchek. They are returning to their former home world to identify and claim the body of Mrs. Handerskuyt’s son, and Juliana’s husband Benito Handerskuyt. They head straight for their staterooms and speak to no one prior to departure.

The next to arrive is an athletic looking, well-dressed woman who dresses very modestly. She is Ahousheh Iskander. Although she is generally friendly, she evades all questions about where she has come from and where she is going, saying just that she is going to Talchek for a job interview. Her passport shows her to be an Impie from Mora.

Finally, Will’s face lights up when he sees the final passenger. The second high passage ticket belongs to another Imperial citizen from Efate, identifying her as Dr. Ekaterina Schloss, and whose credentials and passport denote her as a member of the Imperial Interstellar Colonial Office (ICO) Health Department. Ms Schloss is a short, attractive, long-haired redhead with hazel eyes, and looks rather young for her job.

Will has to forego getting to know Dr. Schloss better at the moment as he needs to prepare for departure. Autumn heads to the galley in order to prepare a welcome for everyone as Arvor and Jie join Will on the bridge as he makes his final checks prior to departure. At 9.00, they get permission to depart from the SPA and Will pulls back on the controls, undocking from the space station before following Jie’s course to jump distance.

The journey to jump distance is an uneventful one and the Unguin’s Princess passes jump diameter at 14.30, while the passengers are having lunch. The ship slips safely into hyperspace, allowing Will to devote his attentions to conversing with the lovely Dr. Schloss.


Ah my lovely Laser Carbine…we meet again! (practice, practice practice…)


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