Mustered Out on Mertactor


Arrival at Dallia Again

It was 19.30 the previous evening when the alarms sounded to say that the Unguin’s Princess had emerged from hyperspace safely, so Jie and Will head to the bridge in order to plot a flight path to the Heaven’s Gate orbital platform, while the remainder of the crew and passengers enjoy a final dinner together and then spend their time drinking, as there is no point in sleeping.

Shortly after midnight, the Far Trader has received its flight path from the Heaven’s Gate Port Authority and Will follows the course given to him to make the final approach to the allocated dock of C17.

The ship docks and everyone prepares themselves for the ordeal that they are sure will await them when the airlock door opens.

Sure enough, there is a squad of four looking customs officials waiting for them when the doors open, but at least there isn’t a platoon of security guards and prison vans there as well.

“Papers,” the corporal says roughly. Autumn and Max have checked and rechecked the passenger and cargo manifests several times now to ensure that there can be no problems with them. Two of the customs officials stay at the entrance to go through everyone’s documents as they disembark, while the other two come onboard and check the ship and its cargo. Kiimii and Laarii wave everyone goodbye before they leave. Kiimii is in floods of tears as she leaves, kissing ‘her’ ship goodbye one last time. She’s spent the whole trip debating with Laarii as to whether she did the right thing in selling the Princess.

As before, the customs officials ask dozens of questions to everyone and it takes an hour before all of the passengers have finally left the ship and have had all their luggage checked. Then the officials move onto the crew, asking them question after question about their intentions while they are visiting Dallia. An hour later and all of the crew are allowed to disembark if they wish.

Then all four of the officials go through all of the cargo with a fine toothcomb, opening each of the containers to check their contents. The whole process takes a gruelling six hours before the sullen corporal tosses the paperwork to Max.

“You are free to unload the cargo,” he says officiously before he turns on his heels and leads the others away.

Max whistles a sigh of relief. “Thank fack for that – that’s saved us a shitload of money.”

“I’m knackered after all that,” he continues. “I’m gonna get a little shut-eye. What do the rest of you want to do?”

“When William is free, I would like to see the underground living cavern that Dallia is famous for,” says Jie. “I could take a planned tour, but think that an unscripted walk about with someone who knows his shit about planets and is able to explain it on my level would be the cats’ ass. Does anyone else wants to come along? This may be the last chance to stretch our legs before another week or so stuck on the Princess.”

“Maybe we can do that tomorrow?” Will suggests. “I have heard that it takes a while to get down to the surface because of the insidious atmosphere there.”

With no better ideas, the party members just take a wander around the highport for a few hours until Max calls them to say that he is up now and so they all return to the ship.

“We better get that 150k from Ms Jeri before we do anythin’ else here,” Max says. “Do you guys wanna come with me?”

With nothing else better to do, the others agree to accompany him. Max gives Jeri a call and she tells him to meet with her at the Gravity Well restaurant and casino in an hour.

They head off to the Gravity Well and see Jeri waiting for them at her usual booth. As Max had said, she’s a little past her prime, but still looks pretty good – probably as a result of a great deal of plastic surgery.

Jeri welcomes Max and the other party members and tells them to sit. She then orders a waiter over and invites everyone to have dinner on her.

“So did everything go OK with the delivery?” she asks.

“More or less,” Max replies. “We delivered them OK. Here are the signed bills of lading.”

Jeri checks the bills and seems satisfied.

“Excellent work,” she says. She then gets her handcomp out and transfers the other 150k to the party’s account.

“But you said that not everything was smooth with the delivery?” she asks.

“Yeah,” Max says. “It was what happened after it was collected that was not so smooth.”

Jeri nods and then makes some notes on her handcomp, while Max relate the events to her.

“That’s terribly unfortunate, but thankfully no lives were lost,” she says once Max has finished and she has typed up her report. “The cargo was insured against loss through the TTC’s Insurance firm, Underwood Outworld Bancorp, LLC. It’s damn poor luck on the Tarkine Ministry of Trade, because once the cargo leaves the Starport and they’ve signed the bill of lading, it’s their loss. Underwood Outworld Bancorp only covers freight in transit to and from worlds.”

“I’ll send my notes on the Tarkine incident to my firm’s higher offices who will sort out the insurance details.”

The meal arrives and conversation turns to other matters. But after desert, Jeri says that she has a second job for the party if they are interested.

“I arrange cargo transfers for several Dallian companies in addition to my work for Dallian Chemical Corporation LIC. I have two cargoes from Life Guard Systems Manufacturing, LLC, and Dallian Star Shipyards, Ltd. It is a mixed load of heavy machinery – life support equipment for the world of Talchek, and two small lots of starship parts bound for the world of Elixabeth.

“Talchek,” Jeri explains simply, “is totally reliant on outside aid for its life support needs, as the ill-advised colony that settled there didn’t find nearly the same amounts of mineral, metal, or chemical wealth that we did here on Dallia. Talchek has had Dallia’s support since its founding. We hoped they would develop as we did. After the Loss of financial backing from the Sword World of Biter in 1090, the Talchekian’s corporate leadership sold out to McClellan Factors. McClellan Factors hired an Imperial Mercenary outfit late last year, and declared the planet for the Imperium, canceling the free elections.”

Jeri pauses, watching the party members’ reactions to this news. “I say this sincerely, regardless of your politics or allegiances, Talchek’s people need this equipment or they will perish.”

“The cargo was paid for, but due to the unfortunate current situation on the ground, the money has been held up and the new regime will not release the funds until it is delivered. If you accept, your point of contact is a Mr. Sunaj Dvorcek, the Chief Arcology Power Plant manager, who will sign your bill of lading. The bill of lading will be your proof for payment with the new Talchek ‘Minister’ of Finance, Ms. Giada Tulleri."

“Will you undertake this job?”

Max looks at the others:

“So what do you reckon guys? Do we want to take the job and go to Talchek? Or did we want to head back to Collace now so that Will can get his bionics?”

The party members excuse themselves as they discuss the options out of earshot from Jeri. Jie is initially in favour of returning to Collace, while Taeva prefers to take on the job with the others happy to go for either option. Eventually they decide that they will go for the mission to Talchek. They return to Jeri to tell them that this is the case.

“Excellent,” Jeri says. “The starship parts were ordered by the Elixabeth Yards, Ltd and purchased from the local Dallian Starship Yards here on Heaven’s Gate. The point of contact there for the bill of lading of these two small lots is Elixabeth Yards’ Import Chief Executive of Finance, Imjan Ussuri. The bill of lading will allow Mr. Ussuri to draw funds and pay for your fuel and shipping fee.”

Max is making notes.

“So 30 tons of starship parts to Elixabeth and 10 tons of life support equipment to Talchek,” he confirms. “And how much is it worth?”

“It’s Cr.5000 per jump,” Jeri replies. “So that’s Cr. 300k for the starship parts in total and Cr.150k for the list support equipment. All of this is payable upon delivery.”

“That ain’t too bad,” Max says to the others. “That’s two months of payments taken care of, plus we should make some more on top as we have 20 tons of cargo space left for spec trade and we have passenger revenues as well.”

Max shakes hands with Jeri and she gives him all of the paperwork that he needs. The party members then take their leave of her and head out of the Gravity Well.

“Who’s up for a pint then?” Max asks.

The party members then spend the rest of the evening having a drink, glad to be away from the ship for a while in an environment where their drinking session isn’t going to be interrupted by falling mortar bombs.


Please let me know if anyone has any particular intentions on Dallia.

While I remember, can you let me know what you are doing about security onboard? What crewmembers are armed usually and with what? Who has the access code to the ship’s locker?


Will has no particular intentions on Dallia other than assisting with selling and acquiring cargo, passengers, mail, checking med supplies, assisting with refuelling and resupply, etc.

What’s the financial arrangement now? Will has Cr142.5k invested in trade goods out of Collace. I think we simply reinvested the cash into new trade goods for the trip to Tarkine and back. What’s the plan for getting money back out? Will would like to invest in cybernetic upgrades when we’re back on Collace. Or did that investment get converted to ship shares?

In terms of security, I suggest we all, in general, go armed with sidearms (subject of course to cargo, (lack of) passengers, etc.), except maybe Autumn who needs to appear the dutiful steward. We should, of course, all have access to the ship’s locker (all the owners that is).

One final Will note (not that it’s particularly relevant, but might interest somebody)—my PC was taken out by a nasty virus. I’m attempting to get it repaired but may have to just recycle the thing and get a new one, which will take a while. I’ll investigate Himachi and gametable for Mac but may also be out of next Sunday’s game as a result. :(((


After the Cr.150k for delivery on Tarkine is paid and the current cargo is sold, party funds should be around Cr.900k, so there is enough for Will to take a big chunk of his investment out if and when he needs it.

There are versions of both Hamachi and Gametable for Mac so I think you should be OK, It would be a shame if you had to sit out a second game in a row. We miss you!

Talking of Gametable, I have not been very happy with the RC8 version which I put on my laptop and so I am going to upgrade to RC9. I will get someone to test it with me too make sure that it is backwardly compatible.


“…be OK, It would be a shame if you had to sit out a second game in a row. We miss you!”

Yes, I agree, though it was very sweet of you to make all your first aid rolls for Grim by such high margins when you were absent last week, thank you! Also, giving your die roll macro the title “Desperate medical care for Grim, my bestest friend in the whole universe…By god I’ve got to save him! (2d6 + 1 + 2 + 2)” was flattering to say the least (but a bit over the top).



Agree with Jay all owners should have Locker access and be armed with sidearms, though as unobtrusively as possible.

When he’s not busy with the engines, Grim begins painting Black zig zag lines over the Pink exterior of the Princess, giving her an agressive “punk” look…


Sorry to hear about your infected computer, we all missed you last session and look forward to playing with you again. Just to give you the feel of last Sunday I copied an excerpt from the GameTable logs and present them here…

DM: OK, Grim zipps up his pants and steps out of the bath room and suddenly gets shot at by 3 rebel thugs with Assult Rifles.

DM:[2d6 + 7] 6 + 4 + 7= 17 Ok that’s a hit Damage is [4d6] 6 + 4 + 5 + 6= 21

DM:[2d6 + 7] 5 + 6 + 7= 18 Wow I’m rolling good!! Damage is [4d6] 6 + 6 + 5 + 4= 21

DM:[2d6 + 7] 6 + 5 + 7= 18 Sucks to be you, Grim. Damage is [4d6] 4 + 4 + 6 + 5= 19

Grim: Will quickly jumps in front of me taking all the damage!!

GM: Whaaa?? He is on the other side of the house killing the 4 guards in a machine gun nest with his Medi-Kit like a rabid monkey waving around a rock, just like Arvor said.

Grim: Uh… LOOK Here is his pog! Right here in front of me! Yeah, Will selflessly takes the hits!!

GM: OK then…Will takes 61 points of damage.

Grim: as Will “here, you sexy engineer, take my wallet filled with 160,000 Credits. I don’t want it to fall into enemy hands {cough…Gasp} Also in there you’ll find a picture of my 21 year old daughter and her phone number. I didn’t talk about her a lot {cough…Gsap} because she is super-hot and real slutty. She likes her men ex-Army and covered in grease…”

Taeva: Hey, before Will dies can he use his Planetary Science Skill to fold space and fall on top of this grenade one of the baddies just threw at me here, upstairs?

DM: Sure, Why not.


Jie rightly believes that ‘Black Betty’ is too god awful nasty looking to set passengers at ease so she will stow it away during voyages to retrieve it only for training purposes and the occasional pirate raid. She will carry her 2 cutlass (es?) and a hidden Body Pistol. I’m torn between everyone packing heat. 1) It could frighten the passengers because if we constantly seem to expect trouble then they will constantly expect trouble. This makes for nervous passengers who have access to writing their opinions on the space-web. Or 2) It will calm the passengers because we take their safety to the extreme.

I think all of us should have access to the weapons locker and the sneakiest of us be in charge of security.


Jie volunteers to help Grim with the fancy paint job. Thanks to a girl talk with Kiimii during jump, she is more able to talk about her past and finally let the old wounds heal. Jie is very interested in hearing about what Beverly was like in life and laughs at some of the anecdotes Grim tells her over some beers during lunch breaks.

Later, when William is free, Jie would like to see the underground living cavern that Dallia is famous for. She could take a planned tour, but thinks that an unscripted walk about with someone who knows his shit about planets and is able to explain it on her level would be the cats’ ass. She asks around to see if anyone else wants to come along. This may be the last chance to stretch our legs before another week or so stuck on the Princess.


I vote for everyone carrying. Customer sensitive personel (Autumn, possibly Will) should carry concealed, everyone else a snub pistol with 1 chamber of tranq.

Perhaps a simple uniform would be a good idea – something to make the ship look more professional and again, set the paying customer’s minds at ease. It could be somewhat naval in appearance, dignified rather than flamboyant. Will should definitely get his lapel stripes and pips on a sharp hat. Something like this?


LOL. Glad to hear Will continues his selfless ways even when not under my watchful eye.

Re the money: not trying to disrupt the new entrepreneurial direction, just wondering if there’s any personal cash concept now. Will’s happy to wait until we’re super rich—he can then get Botox injections at the same time as a new DEX.

And I’m glad to hear we will be getting our 150k for the gasoline! Was a bit worried about that.


re: Will’s cash.

How about if Will takes 100k Cr off the top, and Arvor maybe 50k Cr and then we call it even? That’s probably shorting you both 25k plus, but the math is easy and it’ll leave a nice budget for Max. Teava, Grim, and Jie are about parity with each other given Jie and Taevas early shortfalls and Grim’s latest shortfall. Then we could start from scratch with everybody even when the next “payday” is declared.

Remember to use the cheapest figures in any of the three books when you do your Cyber Aug, Will. You too if you want to upgrade Jie. The other three of us are now relegated to the MGP Cybernetics book, which has the highest prices and doesn’t even include Dex increases per se, but you guys should get a shot the cheap stuff (mostly from CSC) too. Is this right, Nick?

(rubs hands gleefully at thought of getting 5 weeks training in while Will recuperates)



@ Arvor, Grim is cool with keeping a snubbie w/tranqs at his hip. He’d also like to keep his autopistol in Engineering, as those doors are code locked anyway, like the bridge.

I like the uniforms on your link, we’d all look cool in them and Will in the beret would be trick, but let’s say we change the red accents to pink, to match the Princess exterior Black/Pink geometric zigzag look?


Nick you’ve updated! I meant to say “Lets keep this 160K+ as hard cash for when we go to Dallia- we don’t want to end up in a ‘no cash’ trap like Gus for prospective fines.”

I’ll read the Posts now…


Max would have said that, with the 150k still remaining from the chemicals and gasoline job, plus the income from the previous run, there should still be enough to pay any fines as long as they were in the 150-160k range that the others were.

Let’s say that when you get the 150k back from the job (which will be in the next posting) 100k goes to Will and 50k to Arvor rather than it going to party funds (which makes it easier for me to update the kitty).

That’s right about the cybernetics. Anyone can get their first augmentation at Core Rules prices – everything after that comes from Book 8.


Core Rules or CSC? Will’s Core Rules upgrade is Cr1M; the CSC is Cr100k. I didn’t get the upgrade the first time around because I thought it was the Cr1M price and so obviously couldn’t afford it (and wondered how everyone else could…). Will is satisfied with Grim’s suggestion of taking 100k for the augment and calling it all even. Max probably also needs some sort of compensation.

Query though: how will we deal with individual funds from now on? What if someone wants a fancy new gun or combat armour? If all the money’s tied up in the group fund… If Grim wants a new holo viewer for his porn collection and Will thinks we need a new auto-doc, Grim better draw first ‘cause the tribble poison will “accidentally” fall into Grim’s kool-aid… I think we need some system to get individuals some personal cash. How about converting all money’s paid to date (less Will’s 100k and Arvor’s 50k) into “trade shares”. We could set a minimum level that our trade account needs to be at, but above that, individuals can take out their profits as they wish. This might mean we don’t get any money for awhile as we build up that trade account to its minimum. In essence we form a partnership or “corporation” to do our trading but whether the individual kicks in more above the minimum is up to them. Profits are distributed based on shareholdings. We should initially start with identical shareholdings and then allow additional investment as desired. As I said, to make it doable, that initial capital contribution is probably larger than what we have in the kitty now, so it may be awhile before we get any individual “dividends” out. What do you think?

OOC: my experience with “pooled party treasure” is not good. Someone invariably gets or feels screwed.


Not that I intend to get any more but some of the CSC upgrades are not in Book 8, which really only focuses on Tin Man bionics.

Will we used CSC-we are not using any prices from core book as far as I am aware.


We need to pick up weapon scanners and such there are a few varients in CSC (fixed and portable).


I’d say it was safer if no-one carried sidearms. One bop over the head and your psychotic passenger has a gauss pistol. Arms should be available for crew but not carried everywhere.

Just allow bridge watch crew to carry sidearms-no passenger sthere anyway.


Sorry – that was my mistake. Everyone got their augmentations from CSC and not the Core Rulebook.

If you want to buy something here, then let me know. Remember that Dallia is only TL9 so it might be hard to get some higher tech items.


Ok @ Steve, but Grim is still leaving a pistol hidden in a tool drawer in Engineering.

@ Will, agreed, we all used CSC, which is very broken regarding Cybernetics, at least in regard to price, so you should use CSC for your “one off” augmentation too.

Again @ Will, agreed on the OOC “pooled party treasure” having the potential to get nasty. The only response to that would be to take everyone down to 15k (Grim as least common denominator), giving us 75k in the “investment pool”. This is fine, as the additional payout would leave us down another 215k (Taeva paid out 10k, Jie paid out 10k, Arvor paid out 40k more, Will paid out 27.5k more, and Max paid out 127.5k), which would make us a little short cash in the immediate term but which would leave us ok after we make the next sale (is this correct Nick?).

Then, in my humble opinion, we should limit future “buy-ins” to Ownership Shares, NOT the Investment Pool. That way, Nick (and the rest of us) can stop worrying about front end payouts, as we make sales (everyone will get the same cut if we vote “Officer’s salaries” out of the ship’s cash funds for personal use) and the ones who are better investors will reap their rewards on the back end as redeemed ship shares when the ship sells?

This solution simplifies the math for all of us! Everyone will have a 1/6 share of immediate payouts and they can accrue added value (as well as helping pay down the note) by buying shares in the “Princess”.

Yes, I know that in reality a higher proportion of ownership should translate to a higher proportion of profits, even in the short term, but do we really want to get that “crunchy” with this? We don’t want to get into nitty gritty like; “Grim is owed X salary as a Chief Engineer, plus accrued vacation in the amount of Y”, or "Taeva gets Z share of profits, as her 4 MCr share in the ship is more than anyone elses (PCs, not counting Max) .62 MCr share added together…I mean, realistically we’d all be paying Taeva “rent” on our cargo space use and she’d be paying us “salaries” for our labour and “dividends and interest” on our investments and Ship Shares while taking the Lion’s share of everything else for herself (thank god she’s only asked for the Captain’s Cabin so far ;).

Nick? What is your idea regarding finances?



Rereading my last post, I would like to clarify: I’m not accusing anyone of counting pennies, I just want to know where we stand on the idea of “counting pennies”?

If we all decide 15k each is too little as an investment pool to meet our current needs, Grim can sell 1 or 2 programs, unneeded weapons, etc. and raise another 10-20k when we reach Collace. This would lower our additional payout by 60-120k.



Talchek or Collace are both equally good for Grim.


1. Thanks for confirming the CSC for the one-shot upgrade. Will will indeed take advantage of that the next time we’re in Collace to raise his DEX to 6 and get rid of that pesky -1. However, he’s in no hurry to do so, so in response to Max: “Don’t worry about me old boy. My twitchy left arm is good for another mission or two!”

2. @ Grim: I concur with your basic suggestion re finances. In fact, your suggestion pretty much corresponds exactly with my thinking, except that I’m not averse to setting that minimum contribution level at a higher number if necessary. That would mean some of us would have to “loan” money to the fund until everyone caught up. Either way Will is happy.

3. And Will is ecstatic that Jie wants to do some planetology and is only too happy to show her the ropes. It never enters his mind that Jie might have finally concluded that Will truly is a zhodani spy and wants to interrogate him in a place where a simple hole in the vacc suit could be deadly. :).

“Seriously Jie? You want to explore the living cavern? Let me get my field gear. Oh, we’ll need that holovid camera! Now, where’d I put that old rock hammer? And put this vial of acid in your pocket—I’ve heard rumours of limestone. On a rock like this, can you believe it??!! Oh, and bring a hard hat,” Will shouts as he dashes off to the hold to rummage through his personal possessions for too-long-unused gear.


Hey everybody, Just got off a 12 hour shift at my job 1 hour away and then read Ian and Jays posts about financing. And then my brain bleed just a little. I am so willing to let you guys handle the financial aspect of Ship ownering and I will go along with anything that the majority OK’s. As for Jie, she is a simple island girl who eventually intends to ‘retire’ back on her Tech Level 4 home planet once her wondering soul gets its fill of shooting things. Therefore she is perfectly willing to take her 150K credits out of her Iridium Mining Investments on Collace ( and whatever stupendously profitable bonuses she accrued during the Pavibib ‘Boom’ time thanks to the new Son Of The Sun. Did I ever tell you guys that Nick Pandrell is quite the dashing writer?? He is sooo generous. And wise!!) and put them to the kitty to be dispersed however is seen fit that the financial aspect of this game does not give me a stroke.

On a side note, after reading Steve’s thoughts on shipboard weaponry, I have to agree with him. Maybe we shouldn’t flaunt around guns that could easily be used against us. I also agree with Ian’s stashes idea, maybe more hidden places around the ship that we all have access to.

I would like to head to Collace to check on then re-take my investments (and their super big profits!!) however, if I let it generate more profits by doing some trade missions first, that would be very cool. Hey Nick, did I ever tell you I’m thinking of naming my first-born after you? I don’t care if it’s a boy or girl…you are just that neat-o. Well, I’m going to sleep. Later.


Re: weapons making us all more vulnerable – for one thing, I never suggested gauss pistols, I said snub pistols with (at least 1 chambered round of) tranq.

Weapons can be personally keyed. I am not willing to be held hostage by anyone who sneaks a body pistol or other weird stuff onboard. I am pretty tired of tackling armed villains with nothing between us but Jie’s body pistol and some insignificant body armour.

I recommend all watch officers be armed with Snub pistols + tranq at a minimum. We should (if we haven’t already) look to getting our sidearms biometrically keyed. Our uniform should be vacc-sleeve capable and balistic cloth woven to give us maximum protection from blowouts and procetiles.


“You guys should all get one of these for when you’re onboard,” he says opening his Armotec Crew Coat.

Armotec Crew Coat (TL10): An advanced web of fibres woven into a stylish pilot-type coat that comes standard with the crew insignia of your choice, the crew coat from Armotec Industries is very popular amongst flight crews on freighters and incorporated privateer crews. Not only is the coat capable of withstanding attacks but it comes standard with a quick-pull one hour air supply in case of emergencies on board. Protection 5, Cr.800, 2kg.

So all agreed that everyone apart from Autumn should carry a snubbie filled with tranq, with something a little stronger in both engineering and on the bridge?

I need a decision on Talchek or Collace. I have a Collace vote from Jie and abstentions from Will and Grim. So it’s up to Taeva and Arvor to make the final decision.

I am holding back on answering the best way of handling finances question until you know where you’re going.


I’m easy. I’m sure we’ll get to Collace eventually, so I don’t mind doing the other job.

I can’t help a nagging suspicion we’re being used somehow by this woman.

We won’t be able to get those coats till Collace anyway-I’ll get a Gel Cloth version for a mere Cr 4000.


Agreed re: “being used” – I think she is on one “side” or the other, and was feeling us out for our opinions. Obviously as Arvor I am basically pro-imperium, but as an individual I am pro-profit as well. As long as I am not asked to personally go up against the Imperium, I am willing to take the job.

So – Talchek is a go for me, and yes, I agree with the uniforms offered, Nick – thanks. I will “gear up” Arvor shortly.


So we have Jie for Collace and Arvor for Talchek, with three abstaining.

Would Will, Grim and Taeva like to give their support to one direction or another in order to reach a majority decision?


Will signed up for adventure. He’ll support the Talchek mission.

As for armour? Well, he sees nothing wrong with his 14 year old orange cloth armour coveralls, complete with 22 planet and planetoid dirt sample (and 6 ketchup (catsup to the Yankees)) and the odd M-drive lubricant stain. At least now that Kiimmii’s not around to make him wear the pink tutu thingy.


Sure, I call it “Catsup”; but who you callin’ a “Yankee”?

Out here we don’t care if you’re “Yankee”, “Rebel”, or “English”; just so long as you can sit a horse without fallin’ off and get a day’s work done.


Grim will wear his Engineering EnviroSuit while on duty. It’s grey and pretty utilitarian, and it’s also Vacc Resistant, Fire Resistant, and mildly protective from small arms fire. If asked to interact with the passengers on a frequent basis, he’ll be glad to wear the ship’s colors while giving tours to the posers about the machinery that makes us “go fast”.

Talchek works for Grim.



Talchek it is, and by way of cargo acceptance, after we stop over at Elixabeth to drop off the spaceship parts. I must warn you guys however, the longer we are away from Collace the more my incredibly wise investment schemes keep doubling in profits. By the time we land back there I might be rich enough to buy the ship outright. Captain Jie…Hmmmm.


“All Hail Captain Jie!! Huzzah!!”

(Sorry Will, Grim’s a bit fickle. lol)


I thought Taeva was captain and Max First Mate. But any chick that’s into rockin’ tectonics would make a fine cpt’n in Will’s book. Three cheers for Jie!!


Max if we go to this fumbling disaster world is there any chance we would pick up a profitable cargo for the return? Do they manufacture/ export anything?


Max checks the route on his handcomp.

“Well it’s three jumps to Talchek,” he says. “We don’t really want to go through Forine as they are very anti-Imperial there and so we’d get a lot of grief. So the route would need to be Noctocol – Elixabeth – Talchek.”

“There should be freight at each of those stops. Talchek is very similar to Dallia – a highly toxic planet that produces chemicals – I guess that’s why they’re importing the life support gear from here. So we should be able to pick up some chemicals to bring back and sell en route.”


Ok, so I am not clear right now as to what we each received from our last mission, how much of what I additionally offered to advance was taken (I recorded 80k), and how much of that I am getting back.

Since it has been hinted at several times, I am going to go right and and state the question of investment:-

As a question of balance – characters who got more “ship shares” up front, and did not invest as heavily in the kitty to build up our overall finances are now much better off in terms of ship shares.

It does not seem so fair to Max, Will and (least and last) myself who have received no credit for the injections of extra floating cash at crucial times.

Regardless of how this is handled, it won’t make any difference to me right now, but if someone gets heavy handed about their ownership rights, I could see myself getting pissed off. Just saying.


I’ve assumed we have not recieved anything individually unless Nick spells it out: I thought Max wanted our ready cash for investment.As far as i know we’ve recieved no payouts since we left Collace (when I injected my last 30k).

As regards ship shares I just rolled them-I’d rather have had education boosts but there it is. As everyone else presumably got some benefit from their mustering out rolls I’d like some too.

Is there any need to be aggressive when I’ve not actually said or done anything?


@steve: I don’t see how you read my post as aggressive. I was just putting up front what my concerns are. Personally, I think it only fair to openly share in detail any concerns I may have, so that they can be openly addressed.

Simply put – if I don’t tell people how I feel about something, how can I expect my concerns to be addressed or acknowledged?


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