Mustered Out on Mertactor


Arrival at Pagaton

With no regular passengers to entertain (apart from Suzie, and Max ensure that she gets a good seeing to), there is little to occupy the party members during the jump and so they resume their training activities. Will lets out a little sigh of satisfaction as he finishes the last page of Advanced Combat Wound Treatment Techniques for Complete Dummies partway through the week.

Evenings are spent chatting around the dinner table over Miranda’s endless banquets as Stian and the InterSol members get to know each other better.

It’s a little after 17.00 when the klaxons sound to say that the ship has emerged from jump. Nervous of Pagaton’s reputation as a safe haven for pirates and other assorted villainy, everyone scrambles for position, with Stian manning his turret just in case while Jie’s eyes never leave the sensor screen looking for any vessels that might be showing a particular interest in them.

There are few ships in system, however, and the adrenalin soon wears off and everyone returns to their usual stations after a while apart from Will and Jie.

It’s 22.30 when the old, ramshackle highport above Pagaton comes into view. It seems to be relatively busy, with several corsairs docked alongside some very heavily armed traders and merchant ships. None of them seem to be paying much interest to the arrival of the Princess, however.

The ship docks a little after 23.00. After all of the inspections and paperwork stamping that is necessary at most highports, it’s a pleasant change when they open the airlock and find no one waiting for them. Will resuscitates all of the low berth passengers, although its a close run thing with one of the elderly workers and it takes all of Will’s newfound skills to pull him out of the coma.

Max looks at his watch. “Too late to be doing much for today now,” he says. “Might as well call it a night and get to work in the morning.”


Whoo- Hoo ! Surf, Sun and Gun Play! I’ll get my Gel-Cloth Bikini!


Expecting assassins with both excellent aim and a disturbing predilection for targeting certain body parts, Jie?

Woohoo, Grim will join in with his gel cloth mankini after taking Stian up on that waxing offer.


Hey my shot got it!


Thanks for fixing it for me. My memory gets a little rusty if I don’t write it up immediately.


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