Mustered Out on Mertactor


Max's Preparations

The party gets together later on in the morning after the late night celebrating.

Max has a busy day ahead of him checking the trade goods and arranging delivery to the ships. He takes the eticket docket numbers from William and then drives himself to the starport in one of the air/rafts.

The others say goodbye to Billy-Bob and Clint in the knowledge that they won’t have need of their services any longer as there is no reason for them to leave Newland before they leave. Billy-Bob and Clint were both delighted with their bonuses and tell the party that they would be very happy to serve the party members again should their travels bring them back to Tarsus again any time soon.

After that, the party members find themselves at loose ends. They go for a wander around Newland once again, but it’s bitterly cold outside now as it’s midwinter. The somewhat claustrophobic, yet climate controlled, Collace Highport seems a lot more welcoming these days than being on a chilly dirtside. So the party members spend much of the day in their rooms, continuing with their studies.

Max joins the others while they are at dinner. He looks tired but tells them that he has arranged everything now. He beams them all their etickets for the Free Trader, Sunwise Star, which will be shipping all of the aluminum together with 10 tons of nobble leather; the remaining 30 tons coming in on a Far Trader scheduled to leave some 12 hours after the Sunwise Star arrives at Avastan.


Clarification: Max want us to put in the 30k each from the Tarsuline plus and additional 23k? (which I can just about afford for once)


Yes, that’s correct with regards to the contribution. I’m pretty sure that everyone can afford it on their own now without anyone having to contribute for anyone else.


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