Dallia to Noctocol Roster

High Passengers

Sean Davies an Imperial licensed Starship Electronics technician from Elixabeth and employed by Elixabeth Yards, Ltd
Ms Daria Siena a Collace-born and licensed Starship engineer, of Collace Aerospace Yards, LLC. These two technicians are accompanying the starship parts to Elixabeth.

Mr. Eneri Laashkuun a Mertactor-born banking executive from the First Outworld Bank, one of Mertactor’s leading interstellar banks.

Ms Jasya Sunstein a Tarsus born, Collace-naturalized citizen who is a Holo-recording mixer
and talent scout in the Holo-entertainment industry.

All but Ms Sunstein are travelling to Elixabeth; Ms Sunstein is travelling to Noctocol to catch the one-parsec hop to the high population world of Forine, which is currently forbidding travelers arriving directly from “Pro-Imperial worlds”.

Mr. Jan Huus a native of Dallia Mining-Engineer with Dallian Chemical Corp. LLC, on business with his personal assistant…
Ms Valencia Davies-Jones a native of Avastan, and a naturalized citizen of Dallia. This pair of passengers is bound for Talchek.

Low Passengers

The Low Berth Passage folk are all native born Talchekian’s, all of college age (19-22 years old) returning to Talchek on Student Visas. Two are twin sisters (Ms Jenna & Janna Garnet both 19); two are brothers (Mssrs Mikal & Sasha Flint, 22 and 19), and their friends Mr. Micha Steele (age 20) and Ms Glynda Stein (age 22). All were studying Mine Engineering and Hazardous Environment Construction on Dallia on scholarships from the Dallian Chemical Corp. Mikal and Glynda have both graduated, so this is their last trip home. All six will debark at Talchek.

Dallia to Noctocol Roster

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