Jie Okasawa

Quite, clean and deadly this woman has the demeanor of a Imperial Marine.


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Jie Okasawa Human Female, Age: 31, Hair: Straight-Black, Eyes: Dark, Weight: 54 Kg, Hight: 1 and 1/2 M
+1 to STR skills, +1 to DEX skills, +1 to END skills, -2 to SOC skills
Skill Level | Skills
+4 ………… Gun combat (Laser Rifle/Carbine)
+1 ………… Astrogation, Comms, Gunner (Turrets), Medic, Melee (Blade), Sensors
+0 ………… Animals (Ride,Vet, Train,Farm), Athletics (Throw, Co- Ordination), Battle Dress, Drive (Mole, ……………… Tracked, Wheels), Gunner (Otillery, Screens, Capitol Weapons), Gun Combat (Slug Pistol, Slug ……………… rifle, Energy Pistol, Shotgun), Heavy Weapons (Man- port Art., G Launchers, Feild Art.), Melee ……………… (Unarmed, Bludgeon), Stealth, Survival, Tactics (Military, Naval), VaccSuit.
Can move 6 Meters in a minor action, Can exchange a signifcant action for 2 minor actions = Move 18 Meters.

Jie Okasawa grew up on a world called Pagaton. Set in the District 268 Sub-Sector this medium sized agricultural water world is controlled by feudal bands of ‘Callios’. These low tech beast-riders would spend weeks at a time roving the seas and farming kelp to sell at the only down port on the world, a lowly “C” class starport situated on one of Pagatons few islands. It was there that Jie, only 18 at the time, meet a captain of the Imperial Marines, James Ossgoode who swept her off her feet (and into his bed). He then convinced her to use her strength and speed to better herself in the Mille Falcs Marine contingent. She joined up and left her birth world.
Growing up a Callios geared her well for the harsh and often painful life of an Imperial Marine. She gained the basic service skills that allowed her to survive the brush-fire wars along the edge of the Imperium and it was there that she honed her natural talent at the laser-carbine and cutlass. She was in the Support branch of the ‘Corps’ when she ran in to Captain Ossgoode once more. He forged some admin papers to have her transferred to Collace under his command as one of his elite body guard and personal medic. Although her education was lack luster she was up for promotion and was marked for advancement. However she refused so she could stay by the side of her lover who was about to go on a mission for the Imperium as a peace keeping force between Collace and Trexalon. She found out too late that James was being paid by the Trexalon Technical Consortium to assassinate the Collace diplomatic leader by ‘Friendly Fire’. Heeding the values beat into her by the corps and using her own Callios ethics, she sabotaged the units’ comm gear which stopped the assassination attempt but inadvertently leaked the TTC’s orders for James to an undercover Imperial agent.
During the court martial, Corporal Okasawa remained silent and stood by Captain Ossgoode as he was investigated. Having lost all respect and any emotion for James, she then transfered to the Star Marine branch then was promoted to officer. She was assigned a post as turret gunner upon the Destroyer “Breakaway” and learned the ways of astrogation, sensors and general starship life. After a handful of ship to ship battles against some well-organized pirates it was found that they were being subsidized and commanded by the feudal technocracy of Talos. With the successful planetary assault against Talos and supply lines cut to the pirates, Jie then decided to leave the corps on a high note and strike out on her own. She now travels with a band of trouble-shooting free-booters named Inter Sol as they wheel across the stars in their cargo ship, the Unguin’s Princess.
Jie is a 5 foot 7 inch oriental looking woman in her 30’s with long straight black hair. Strong, graceful and healthy, it is apparent that she is average intelligence and a basic education. Born an only child to primitive ocean nomads however stunted her social skills to an embarrassing degree and she has learned from experience that most of her personal encounters end in disaster. Her muster out papers were served to her on the planet of Mertactor. 10k and a used Laser Carbine was all she got from 12 years of service.
Jie walks the line between her possession-lite nomadic upbringing and Imperial Marine equipment preparedness. Most all of her supplies can be portable and are usually on her body, somewhere. She has a TL-12- Med kit distributed on her upper thighs and calves in belted pouches and pockets. A TL-6- Eye protector (Wicked cool sun glasses) strapped to her shoulder for those blindness inducing laser fire fights. A TL-10- Comm (super cell phone) hinged to a quick release spring in her left arm sleeve. She wears a trim, figure hugging Reflec suit TL-9 under a Gel Cloth Ships Crew Coat TL-14 that is adorned with a Medal. Two cutlass-es are crisscrossed across her back in scabbards that are underneath the power pack of her laser carbine yet above the secret holster of her ships Snub Revolver. Towards her lower back are two Mauler-type shot guns with gyrostablizers. Attached to her right forearm is Williams’ MediScanner and attached via grav-coupler to her right hip is ’ Black Betty ’ her laser carbine, a memento from her stint in the Hells Brigade. plus a Pnuematic Hammer made by Grim on her left hip and a stealth dagger from Taeva in her boot round out her equipment. Over top of all this, as if to hide her items and herself from veiw is a Cloak of whose pockets are full of survival material, a Holo-vid, gear and some exotic meat snacks. On her back is a modified back pack that quickly can be come Adv. Polycarapace giving armour 10. All totaled her main items weigh about 20 Kg. Well within her carrying capacity.


The galaxy is a dangerous place and no one knows that more than an Ex- Marine. The stated Law Level (LL) is where it is illegal to carry. This list is from the most restrictive Law Level to least. Please see the Wiki Page What We Wear found HERE.

(LL1)The stealth dagger was a loaner from Taeva that Jie conveniently forgot to hand back. Vat grown hardened bone covered in high density mock-diamond and sharpened to a mono-molecular edge this invisiknife is very hard to spot (- 4 to detect using normal methods.) Using Melee Skill(Blade)+ 1 and STR+ 1 for a total of +2 to hit with a 1d6+2 damage. It usually costs 175 Credits and weighs next to nothing. She keeps one in her hardened combat boot. Remember, undetectable weapons are illegal at Law Level 1 and above so Jie will be hiding this.

(LL2)Fore most is Jie’s main weapon Black Betty. She mustered out with this Laser Carbine and 10,000 credits to her name on Mertactor, one of the last planets of the Imperium that boarders a vast frontier called District 268. Black Betty’s info can be found HERE, but the basic numbers for using her are as follows. Shooting from the hip is +4 (Skill (laser Carbine)=+ 3, DEX=+ 1). While Aiming, use (Scope=+ 1, Aim=+ 1) +6. Remember, every minor action spent Aiming adds another + 1, also an Effect of 6 or higher will blind the target if they don’t have glasses. Damage is 4d6+3. Using a battery-pack she can fire 15 times.

(LL5)The Unguin’s Princess crew all have access to Snub Revolvers The facts and statistics can be found HERE. Jie uses these with Gun Combat ( Slug Pistol ) Skill+0, DEX+ 1 for a total of +1. If she takes the time to aim add in Aim+ 1, Scope+ 1, for a total of +3. It uses the range table of Shotgun and it’s ammo is variable. With H.E.A.P. rounds (the most commonly used by the Ex-Marine) the damage is 3d6-2 and ignore 3 points of enemy armour.

(LL7)The Mauler type Shotgun (PG.73,CSC) uses a pistol frame and is known as a shotgun revolver. It uses the range table of Pistol and an Auto mode of 4. Using ‘Shot” ammo this beast ignores the enemy Dodge Modifier but all enemy armor is X2 better. It uses the Gun Combat( Shotgun ) Skill + 0, DEX+ 1 for a total of +1 however, Jie owns 2 of these and often strikes fear in to the hearts of her enemies by shooting off both at once, incurring a – 2 Mod making 2 attacks at -1 . They have a FOF safety and a secure weap feature both tied the crews’ personal Medi-Scanners. The recoil is offset by gyrostabilizers giving it a 1 and it can hold 6 bullets costing 20 credits each. Damage is 4d6 (if using the auto mode damage is 4d6+4 and uses 3 bullets at once. It weighs 1.5 KG.

(LL8)The Cutlass is a single edged, heavy blade used for close-quarter combat. A basket hilt protects the hand and a torso scabbard holds these two weapons on her back. She uses her Melee Skill (Blades+ 1) and STR+ 1 for a total attack modifier of +2. The damage is 2d6+4 . Each of her swords weigh about 1 Kg, has a – 1 heft and costs 100 Credits.

(LL8) After a sneak attack by some Hammer wielding Sword Worlders, Jie commissioned the ships Engineer, Grim, to make her a Hammer of righteous vengeance. This Pneumatic Hammer is based off of the Piston Fist (Pg.41, CSC) theory and was cobbled together using the Frankenstein Method of the Imperial Army. It uses the Melee ( Blunt Weapon ) Skill+ 0, and STR+ 1 for a total of +1 attack modifier. Its heft is 1, and after 5 hits it reverts back to just a normal Sledge Hammer. Upon impact, compressed gas will shove a dense alloy inner head forward, causing slightly more damage 3d6+2. It weighs 4 KG.


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The crew of the Unguins Princess sport a fashionable black and maroon full body ships uniform. Various pink and yellow stripping designate different stations and ranks and huge golden paldrons (shoulder pads) complete the star traveler effect. There is more, however. The material is high grade Gel-Cloth (TL-14) from Glisten and the shoulder bars can fit together to become a snug helmet. All this means that we have a concealed Armour Rating of 10 at all times. Furter information can be found at ’What We Wear’- HERE.

Before the advent of the sneaky ships uniform, Jie was often angered by restrictions set against wearing her old Marine armour. So she bought a tricky transforming Advanced Poly Carapace on the black market of Glisten. This TL- 13 armour has the ability to change from a large back pack to a modified Poly Carapace and back again. This re-working of the suit decreased its armour rating to just 10 but the times it gave her the advantage over her enemies was worth it. It weighs 3 Kg and cost her a whooping 100,000 Credits!

K.P.I.T.A. Vacuume Suit

In the solar system that invented vacuum suits Jie goes shopping. She has admired Captain Will Shaunnassy’s style of Vacuum Suit and decided to get an exact replica (without the sweater vest motif!) This is Jie’s KPITA Suit.
Name and tech level C.S.C. Page Notes
Advanced Boarding Vacc Suit (TL14) 142. A full Vacc suit with Armour=15 and a cost of 40,000. The suit weighs 6 kg.
Ext. Life Support (TL10) 153. Life support for 18 hours
Medic Kit (TL10) 153. If END=0 then auto first aid with Skill of 3
Personalized Image (TL10) 153. An oriental dragon motif with yellow, pink and black colors
Eye protection (TL6) 153. Saves eyes from suns and laser fire
Mag. Grapplers(TL8) 153. Walk on metallic surfaces
Computer Weave (computer/2) 153. Programed for Vacc suit= +1 to Vacc Suit roll
Sealant Sheath(TL13) 154. Extra protection against punctures and tears
Thrust Pack (TL9) 157. Microgravity maneuvering for 4 hours and 15 minutes of thrust
Emergency Kit(TL8) 156. Extra air, Rad reduction, increased radar reflectiveness, more
Friend/Foe H.U.D. 154. + 1 to Tactics roll
Tactical Video Suit 153. + 1 to tactics roll
Personal H.U.D. (TL9) 166. Internal helmet display of information. Hard wired to Black Betty giving her a + 2 to hit.
Laser Transceiver (TL13) 173. Standalone comms. Can reach orbit (500 KM)
Camera Adv. Digital (TL13) 176. Display and record holographic images
Environment Reader (TL8) 153. Scans internal and local areas for deadly toxins in the air

“What’s in my pocket?”…..a Lord of the Rings reference.

I’m going to use this area to gather together some of the things that relate to Jie.

Lastly… the Training and Finances Box

OK when I started I had to do 52 Jumps to boost my Gun Combat (Laser Rifle/Carbine) from + 3 to + 4. Daaang. When I get close to the end I’m gonna use up all my stored KARMA points in an exchange of 2 jumps per 1 Point. I’ve been keeping track of our jumps and I think this is correct…
  • Grote to Mithras= 30
  • Mithras to Weiss= 29
  • Weiss to Aki= 28
  • Aki to Glisten= 27
  • Mr. Slagg Trains Jie in 4 weeks- 6 Jumps worth of Training (for 7,500 Creds)= 21
  • Glisten to Overnale= 20
  • Overnale to Eca IV then back to Overnale= 19
  • Overnale to Egypt= 18
  • Egypt to Mertactor= 17
  • Mertactor to Dallia= 16
  • Dallia to Pagaton= 15
  • Pagaton to Tarkine= 14
  • Tarkine to Noctocol= 13
  • Noctocol to Flexos= 12

AS far as finances go, I belive Jie has 1 share in the Princess. Much like Training, I am not so good a records keeper. I’m pretty sure Jie was dirt poor before her investments in the Collace based firm Tezzik & Hughs Investment and Export Firm netted her cash on Glisten. All numbers are in Imperial Credits.
+ 225,000 from T.H.I.E.F. of Collace.
+ 100,000 from ships divy at Glisten.
- ….7,500 for Skill Trainer.
- .37,480 bought first Vacc Suit. (Will eventually give away to poor family on Overnale.)
- ….,…20 bought some cool ass Toughened Boots.
- 100,000 bought the collapsable Poly-Carpace from Mr. Slagg.
- ….1,500 bought Reflec Armour.
- …..,….2 bought a real nice survival hat. (see character picture)
- ….3,000 Glisten living expenses.
-———————— Total so far= 175,498 -—————————-

+ .20,000 From Embassy rescue.
+ .20,000 from Baronett Yag for rescue. (The guy Will accidently tried to shoot.)
- …..2,000 Got cought trying to smuggle weapons into a high L.L.
- ..51,060 bought a K.P.I.T.A. Vacc suit, just like Wills.
- …..2,000 Got cought trying to smuggle weapons into a high L.L. (again)
- .60,438 bought some new entertainment supplies, massage chairs and movies for the ship. Jie reloaded on ammo and bought a stealth dagger and 2 Mauler type shot guns. She also bought a T.L. 14 Gel- cloth Ships Uniform with hidden helmet.
-———————— Total so far= 100,000 -——————————

Jie Okasawa

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