• Cornelius H. Grimstead

    Cornelius H. Grimstead

    5'10", 195 lbs, Brown Hair, Green Eyes. 10th ImpArmy Support Group tattoo across right shoulder, Imperial Army 16th Combat Engineer Regiment tattoo on left pectoral. Left handed.
  • Jie Okasawa

    Jie Okasawa

    Quite, clean and deadly this woman has the demeanor of a Imperial Marine.
  • Stian Løkkeberg

    Stian Løkkeberg

    Slim build, 1.75m tall, 66kg. Pale white skin, brown hair, green eyes, well spoken, quiet tone
  • Taeva Traske

    Taeva Traske

    Ruthless Rogue
  • William Shaunnessy

    William Shaunnessy

    A retired planetologist, William continues to seek opportunities to explore new places.