Mustered Out on Mertactor


Waiting for Dvorcek

The party members are still highly suspicious of the job when they awake the following day. Max arranges for the stevedores to unload all of the cargo apart from the life support system.

Jie tries to find out more information on Mr. Dvorcek from the security forces. None of them are terribly helpful, however, and none of them say that they’ve ever heard of him before.

Will is similarly unsuccessful at finding out if anyone might know of where the location for the replacement of the life support systems might be. The Port Authority staff tell him that they are too busy to help him. And so there is little that they can do apart from to wait until Dvorcek calls again.

He eventually calls late in the evening, almost exactly 24 hours from the original meeting with him. He tells them that a flight plan has been lodged which will allow them to be out of the starport for a couple of days and that the pods will be overhead in a couple of hours to guide them to the site.

Will is not so sure of the deal now though and threatens to renege on the deal unless some conditions are met. He and Dvorcek argue for a while as Dvorcek reassures him that the ship does not need to land. Will gets Dvorcek to agree to pay 100k after the end of the first day’s work, and then sign the bill of lading at the end of the job. Dvorcek is pretty annoyed at changing the arrangement at this late hour, but reluctantly agrees. The line goes dead as the party members wait to be contacted by the pod pilots who will guide them to the site.



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