Mustered Out on Mertactor


The Taxman Cometh

After the long night of celebrations, no one is up terribly early and so a hungover Max is still asleep when Autumn knocks on his door.

“Max, are you awake?” she asks. “There’s a tax inspector here to see you.”

“Nooooooooo!!!!!!” Max cries. “Tell him to go fuck himself.”

Autumn is back five minutes later.

“Unfortunately he says that we’re not leaving Elixabeth until we pay taxes on your big deal yesterday.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” moans Max.

Max eventually gets up to find a weaselly looking tax inspector waiting for him in the passenger common room.

“Ah, Mr. Fowler, so nice to see you,” says the Inspector. “As I am sure you are aware, there is 25% tax on all trading profits on Elixabeth.”

Max starts to argue with the Inspector and the tax bill of 287k that he is presented with. He and the taxman argue for well over an hour with Max screaming and shouting and then trying to reason with him. But all is in vain – either Max pays the 25% tax bill or the repomen will be in to seize assets to the value.

Reluctantly, Max agrees and keys over the cash. The taxman thanks him and heads off.

Max lets out another stream of obscenities at the indignity at having to pay taxes, despite Autumn reminding him that he is still over 800k up on the deal.

“It’s a mug’s game this Honest Joe trading,” Max moans. “Never had to deal with this shit when I was doin’ some dodgy deals.”

After a couple of strong espressos, Max heads off to try and buy some cargo to now fill the hold as it is now two-thirds empty.

Autumn has managed to fill the four free cabins, with two high passengers and two medium passengers.

Max arrives back late in the evening. He has managed to buy 10 tons of biodiesel and 15 tons of silicates both at 80% discount which he thinks is reasonable, although he is a little disappointed that he wasn’t able to fill the entire hold as there are 14 tons of empty space.

“I paid the mortgage for next month as well,” Max says. “It’s not due until we get to Talchek, but I’m not sure there’s a bank there. We don’t want to get behind on our payments when we have money in our account doing nothin’ at the moment.”

A couple of hours later and an exhausted Grim and Jan are finally done with fixing the armor.

“Let’s hope that we don’t do anything else to damage her any time soon,” Grim says before heading to bed to get some rest.

The others also get an early night knowing that it’s an early start the next day because of the 0900 departure time.



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