Mustered Out on Mertactor


Everyone meets up for breakfast before heading off to attend to their business for the day.

Now the materials have arrived, Grim can start working on repairing the armour, assisted by Jan who has nothing better to do here.

Arvor and Jie go back to the stores and arrange the delivery of the 24 standard missiles and 40 sandcasters that should replenish the ship’s supplies.

Autumn starts looking for passengers to take to Talchek.

Max returns to Elixabeth Yard, Ltd wanting to unload the 30 tons of starship parts that have been filling half the hold for the last couple of jumps.

Everyone meets up for a late lunch.

Max is looking a little confused:

“So I went back to Elixabeth Yards,” he reports. “So the staff there told me that this Mr. Imjan Ussuri, who was supposed to have ordered the parts and should be paying us for them, was a hard working, valued employee, who died early last year after returning home to visit his sick mother.”

“His deputy, Ms Demasque is on paid admin leave due her being with child, the blokes at the Import-Export office explained, and they don’t expect her back from Avastan until after 001-1107. They also had no idea that they were expecting a shipment from us, and flatly deny ordering such parts from Dallia in the first place.”

Max sighs:

“So it appears that the cargo of parts that the we are hauling was in fact fraudulently ordered by someone posing as a dead man.”

“So what do you reckon we should do with them now?” he asks. “They don’t belong to us – they still belong to the shipyards on Dallia that supplied them until they are paid for. So we can’t just keep them and sell them as the cargo would be illegal. I suppose that we should return them to Dallia really and try to get Jeri to reimburse us for all our expenses. That would be heading in the wrong direction though if we want to go to Glisten.”

Will’s commo unit rings then and he answers it. It’s Marshall Yuri Timenko on the line.

Yuri tells Will that one of the Unguin’s Princess’s former passengers is now behind bars, and asks if the party members’ names were used in the press release for his capture?

Yuri tells Will that Mr. Eneri Laashkuun was caught trying to change some diamonds at the Eos Highport currency counter. Afraid that he might be smuggling a large amount of industrial diamonds, the clerks called the Imperial Ministry of Justice, and he was detained.

A warrant for his arrest had arrived four days ago by way of an IISS J-4 courier from Collace. Yuri explains that Mr. Laashkuun is a crooked banker, and had been skimming off McClellan Factors funded projects here in the subsector for the past sixteen years, using various off world banks to hide his ill-gotten gains. He is now behind bars awaiting extradition to Mertactor for trial.

Will says that the party members are still trying to keep a low profile and so would probably prefer to not be mentioned on the press release.

“Oh, that’s shame,” Yuri says. “McClellan Factors have a reward out for his capture. You’d get 150k if you’re named as the ones who helped up to bring him in.”

Will speaks to the others:

“So what do you think, guys?” Will asks. “Is it worth being named in return for a 150k payoff?”

The party members discuss Yuri’s offer for a while and eventually decide that, with Jasya’s tape already out in the wild and the Unguin’s Princess soon to be heading into the Imperium until the heat dies down a little, there is little additional risk in accepting it. Yuri is very pleased with this and arranges for the party members to come back to his office in a few hours’ time to make their statements.

“So what are we gonna do about these spaceship parts?” Max reminds them.

The party members discuss this matter too for a while. Heading all the way back to Dallia in order to get Jeri to resolve the matter is not a popular idea, especially if they are going to label themselves as pirate-hunters. They ask Max to see if he can sell them for at least wholesale price so that they can just deposit the funds in the account which was given. Max isn’t sure that he will get the price, but says that he will give it his best shot.

The lunch is over and so everyone gets back to work. Max is looking for a buyer for the starship parts and so heads off to see the other yards at the highport. Grim still has his work cut out getting the armor replaced along with Jan, while Autumn is still busy with looking for passengers, so it leaves Will, Taeva, Jie and Arvor to go back to the IMoJ offices to meet with Yuri.

Naturally there is more vodka on offer to celebrate the party’s help with the deal. Yuri and the crew members work on their story before they head out for a press conference together with the local McClellan Factors VP of Public Affairs, where there are a handful of journalists waiting for them. The press conference lasts for a couple of hours where Yuri and the party members are quizzed about Eneri and his activities. The party members don’t really have a lot more information about the whole affair and so are happy to spend most of the press conference smiling for the cameras while Yuri and the VP do most of the talking. The press conference finishes with the VP presenting the party members with their 150k reward for their part in bringing him in.

Yuri shakes everyone by the hand for a final time as the journalists leave and reminds them that he is always there to help if they need any assistance.

The party members head back to the ship. They see, lying against the airlock entrance, is a small envelope addressed to the ship. They take a look at it and see that there is no return address – just the name Janis Demasque – very strange considering that she is supposed to be on Avastan and not due back for over a month.

Opening the envelope, they find that there is a refuelling card, which is for exactly the same amount needed for a tank of gas for the ship plus another rechargeble debit card with 56k on it. There is no other information inside it.

The party members discuss this new development for a while, with Arvor restating the fact that he thinks that the party is definitely being set up by someone – or several people. However, no one can see any reason why not to simply accept the gift, no matter who it might be from.

Shortly afterwards, a very happy Max appears, with a huge smile on his face.

“Bloody ’ell!” Max says. “I got an amazin’ result sellin’ those starship parts. I made well over a million on them! Best tradin’ result I’ve ever had. So now we’re really rich, even after paying the full amount to Dallian Shipyards so they can’t complain either.”

Everyone spends the rest of the evening celebrating knowing that they aren’t going to be struggling for cash any time soon, staying up drinking until the small hours of the morning again.


I’m for taking the money. Space is an awfully big place for a few pirates to try to find a single far trader – even with holovids knocking around. If it was the Imperium – it would be different. I am pretty sure word will already have leaked out giving them a decent description of our ship and its capabilities. Prisons are not as air-tight as one might think.


Hey – wait a minute. Either Jeri – or the person she claimed to have dealt with was not on the level. Remember the two different union sections that loaded the ship? We may want to look at these starship parts to see if they are really kosher.

One possibility is that they were ordered specifically for the pirates. How convenient for them not only to get whatever we were carrying, but also have us carry exactly what they were looking for?


“I already checked them – they’re kosher,” Max replies. “But you’re right that there is somefink very wrong wiv this picture.”

“They’re worth a lot of money too,” he adds. “There’s well over 3 mill’s worth of equipment there at ‘olesale. So it was well worth ’em nicking. Especially for infamous pirates ’oo can only port in a few places without their gettin’ busted.”


“Well, I’m for taking the reward for Eneri.” says Grim, “As for the starship parts, maybe we could rent storage here on Elixabeth to stash them in, and let the Dallian shipyard know by courier that they’re waiting here to be retrieved. Then we could be on our way to Glisten. Of course we wouldn’t get paid, though we could make the case that the Dallians owe us for shipping anyway, the buyer being bogus isn’t our fault.”


Grim pauses a minute.

“Or we could always work with Yuri and set a trap. If there are other pirates out there affiliated with the Panther, then, in addition to wanting revenge, they might want to recover these parts. Maybe Yuri would give us a reward? He’d have to provide some form of emergency backup as well. Maybe a couple of Gazelles trailing us at a distance where they wouldn’t be spotted but could come to our aid if trouble arose?”


“Hey man give us the starship parts and we’ll call it quits”. Remember that?

We can’t let this hold us up (or cost us). Can we open one up?


My point being that on our last mission for this woman our cargo got mysteriously captured by insurgents.

On our second mission our cargo nearly got captured by Pirates.

Looks like a pattern to me.


So since we’re already on the insurgent and pirate shit lists we could sting them? Get another cargo from the bitch, set her up with MoJ and keep the cargo?

Cr150k would be nice though.


Or we could just take it in lieu of non payment and sell it.


Pfft just read rest of post.

I don’t want to head back to Dallia. I don’t see any harm in just informing the MOJ-she is obviously up to something dodgy-with us as potential patsies.It’s their problem then-no doubt they’ll keep an eye on her trasactions.

As for the cargo I don’’t want to pay anything // expend any effort with regard to it. Can we open it to see if it is ship parts? Might be a message inside or something.


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