Mustered Out on Mertactor


At The Top

The next day started off not quite so bad. Driving was no longer a possibility, and so the party now resigned themselves to several hours climbing.

This time the changes in air pressure made Taeva and Jie queasy, and their progress slowed down to a mere crawl .

The highest point of the crater lip lay about 1500m above sea level, though after several hours they managed to find an entrance into the main crater. The view from the crater lip looking outwards was most impressive, with to the South and west are coastal plains falling
away to the open ocean. . The interior of the crater was a good 1-2km across, with an outer zone sloping steeply down a good 200m (to a height of about 1250-1300m above sea level).

There was a fair amount of vegetation in the crater including a scrubby bush-forest, and a small lake in a center. The lake had an island, and on the island wais parked the familiar arrowhead shape of a Scout/Courier. It looked to be intact, though it was clearly surrounded by trash.

Descending into the crater itself was fairly hard work but not unduly hazardous, though the altitude sickness had taken its toll. The party stumbled down to the edge of the lake, and wearily made camp for the night.



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