Mustered Out on Mertactor


Departure from Pagaton

After spending three weeks dirt (or water) side, all of the party members are quite pleased to get back to the modern conveniences of the Princess and to their normal routines.

It’s time for monthly repairs which Grim doesn’t mind at all having missed his time with the engines. Max and Autumn spent the whole day looking for cargo and passengers respectively.

Early on the day of departure, Will pulls the Princess away from its berth and takes her out for a quick orbit of the planet so that Grim can check on the drives. Will brings her down far away from any of the landmasses of the world and then starts to skim water in order to refuel the tanks. Once the gauges are showing that the tanks as full, he pulls her back up, bringing the ship back up to the highport.

During the afternoon, the trade good which Max bought start to arrive – 50 tons of petrochemicals that he bought off a trader who didn’t get a good enough price for them on Pagaton, plus a couple of bulldozers which all but fill the Princess’s hold. With Arvor now gone, Stian is roped in to help Taeva check the cargo for any traps or stowaways before Jie loads them into the hold. They find nothing untoward there, however.

Late in the afternoon, the passengers start to arrive. Autumn has done a good job in selling tickets, filling all of the low berths and also the staterooms with Mid passages. Taeva checks all of the passengers documents and possessions carefully, suspicious that the Overbluff may be trying to sneak someone on board. None of the passengers are armed, however – they mostly seem to be workers of different classes heading to Tarkine in the hope of making a better life for themselves than in the crowded low-tech cities of Pagaton.

By 20.00, all are comfortably onboard and so Will pulls the ship away from the highport once again and sets off for jump diameter while Miranda sets to work on feeding everyone. The party members in their dress uniforms mingle with the guests during the welcome dinner, keeping their ears open for any signs of trouble, but the passengers all seem to be a fairly decent bunch. They stay up drinking after dinner has finished, past midnight until a little after 2.00am, when the ship safely enters hyperspace. With all of the viewing ports now closed, everyone finishes off their drinks and heads for their staterooms to get a night’s sleep.


Bye AGC. We loved you!


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