Mustered Out on Mertactor


Recceing The Overbluff's Pad

The party members wait until 2.00am to ensure that everyone in the place who should be asleep certainly is.

Taeva makes the first move, opening up the door that leads from the guest rooms to the main part of the building. She sees that there are two guards stationed down the corridor precisely to stop anyone from doing this. Taeva mumbles some apologies about looking for the bathroom and heads back inside.

Instead they look at exploring the building from the outside. Climbing through a window is simplicity itself for Taeva. With there being no sentries on the ground – only a guard at the front door and the two on the roof, she finds that it is simple enough to move around outside unseen providing that she stays close to the walls. Stian also sends his recon drones out of the window to assist Taeva with the recon.

After 30 minutes, they have a pretty good idea as to the layout of the place. There appear to be quite a few people in the rooms either side of the main entrance but, apart from that, the place appears to be relatively quiet – everyone appears to be sleeping.

Taeva returns and they make their plans. They decide to make sure that, if it all ends up in a big fight, that the Overbluff can’t escape or communicate with their ship. Taeva and Grim head off to make preparations. Taeva heads off to the communications array and places charges which she can trigger remotely if needs be.

Grim, meanwhile, heads to the landing strip and removes the start motors from both the helicopter and the executive jet. Neither of them run into any guards while they are on their mission and, an hour after they left, they slip back into the guest rooms once more.

They spend a while planning on their next course of action before Taeva heads out again. This time her target is the basement of the building. She manages to get in and out of it without waking any of the guards. She finds eight more of them asleep in their bunks, but there is no sign of The Connoisseur. She heads back to the others to report.

Having now explored the basement and realizing that it is too risky to explore the remainder of the ground floor, the only other part of the building worth checking out is the upper floor. Stian’s recon drones have determined that it looks as if there are only a couple of people sleeping up there, with a couple of guards posted as look outs.

Taeva sees that she can explore much of the area without alerting the guards and heads back up there. She enters an area which seems to be a lounge area and takes the only other door off there. She is in luck – this appears to be the Overbluff’s private office area – an office area which contains a computer.

Silently she heads back down and alerts Will. Will comes with her and, although the Captain is no stealth expert, with Taeva’s assistance, she manages to get him up to the office without alerting any of the guards.

Will’s computer skills allow him to bypass the Overbluff’s password without too much difficulty and he spends half an hour rifling through the contents of the computer while Taeva keeps watch at the door.

The contents of the computer lead him to believe that The Connoisseur is not being kept on the island – although he was definitely here a couple of months ago. Will’s eyebrows raise in alarm as he pieces together the Overbluff’s nefarious plot. It appears that he is currently on Tarkine where there is a major airship race planned in around three week’s time. The Overbluff is planning on taking down the Imperial entry, which will be filled with some of the most important Imperial nobility and dignitaries from District 268 and neighboring subsectors.

Realizing that this is where the party members need to continue their investigations, he logs off and heads back to the guest quarters with Taeva to reveal the information to the others. Realizing that they have all of the information that they need from the island and not wanting to tip off the (fake) Overbluff to their intentions, Taeva and Grim quickly head out to remove the explosives from the communications array while Grim replaces the starter motor on the helicopter and jet. By the time that they have both finished, they just have time to return to their quarters before first light creeps over the horizon.

The party members have time for just a couple of hours of sleep before the Overbluff’s Lieutenant invite them for breakfast with the Overbluff. The Overbluff is looking rather worse for wear still after the excesses of the previous evening (as is Max). Neither he nor the Lieutenant give any indication that they were aware of any nocturnal pursuits.

Once breakfast is wrapped up, the Overbluff shakes each of them by the hand and thanks them for their company. The party members are then escorted back to the helicopter in order to make the return journey back to Soumester.

After an uneventful ride, the party members arrive back in the bustling city a little after lunchtime. The helicopter pilot heads back immediately after dropping them.

Realizing that there is little left for them to do now on Pagaton, most of the party members stay where they are, awaiting for the next shuttle to take them up to the highport. Jie and Taeva, meanwhile, head back to the port so that they can give the gunboat crew the message that they should return to their floating village. The gunboat captain is a little disappointed that the party members aren’t going to help with the SeaHarvester problem, but wish them the best on their mission.

Jie and Taeva return to the skyport and take a later shuttle up to rejoin the others back on the Princess. Autumn is very relieved to see everyone back and is also happy to have some company, having gotten rather bored being on her own for the past few days. Max is at work already in selling off the cargo and getting some new goods for trading, well aware of the fact that replacing the AGC is going to cost some serious cash and there is another mortgage payment due. Autumn starts looking for passengers, having set departure time for 20.00 on 212.



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