Mustered Out on Mertactor


Departure from Dallia (One More Time)

With a 10.00 departure slot, it’s an early morning for everyone, especially for Grim who was up all night hurrying up the repairs so that the ship can meet its departure time. The Princess is finally delivered to its berth at 06.00.

It would appear that word of the Princess’s fight with the Aslan Trader must have been leaked as Autumn’s attempt at finding passengers was a miserable failure as she was only able to fill the remaining three low-berths with some itinerant workers from Pagaton returning home. Autumn didn’t bother to awaken the original two low-berth passengers, hoping that they don’t notice the fact that they arrive three days later than they were supposed to.

It’s just before embarkation time that a very sleepy looking Max and Suzie arrive. Saying little to anyone, they just head straight to Suzie’s stateroom and go to sleep off the effects of keeping the night spots of Heaven’s Gate in business for the previous 48 hours.

Miranda gets straight to work on making breakfast for everyone as the airlock is closed and the Princess goes through the now very familiar routine of taking off from the highport.

This time the journey to jump diameter is mercifully uneventful and, late in the afternoon, the Far Trader gently slips into hyperspace.



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