Mustered Out on Mertactor


Waiting For Repairs

Grim is kept busy during the two days that the Princess is at the shipyards undergoing repairs keeping an eye on the workers to make sure that they don’t take any shortcuts.

Autumn agrees with the others on a departure time of 10.00 on 184 to give the shipyards another 12 hours to finish in case they over-run and sets about looking for some more passengers.

In case there are any more problems with the Aslan when they take off again, Autumn suggests that Stian takes a working passage and occupies Arvor’s bunk so that she can sell his stateroom to a paying customer.

Max appears off with Suzie. Apart from the occasional badly spelled text message, nothing is seen of him for the following two days.

Taeva, meanwhile, puts a call out to the Aslan in order to inform them as to what happened. The Aslan are very concerned about the situation. Although Brilliance doesn’t make the journey, his senior female lieutenants take a shuttle up to the highport in order to meet with her and to obtain a full debriefing which takes a full afternoon to complete.

It is obvious to her that they are very concerned about these developments. For the Trader to have been able to ambush the Princess when it was so far out from the asteroid belt, they fear that there must be some information leak coming from within their own clan – either in the form of a mole or else their communications are being tapped. They thank Taeva and the party members profusely for all their continuing assistance and for alerting them to the situation and then head off back to their base to pass on all that they have learned to Brilliance.



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