Mustered Out on Mertactor


Mi-2 Hoplite Down

All is quiet at the camp … until 13.00 when Grim, who is on watch, picks up the sound of barking wahroos. The sound is coming from the direction that the party members took to get to their current position – it sounds as if these are domesticated wahroos which are following the party members’ trail. Grim wakes up the others to tell them what’s going on.

They decide to strike camp early. Jie takes two of the horses and heads west with them; Taeva takes another two and heads east while the rest of the party members carry on south.

A couple of hours later, Taeva and Jie up meet up with the rest of the party, having let the horses runs loose. Grim has camouflaged the vehicles once more. They hear the sound of a chopper overhead, but the vehicles are well-hidden and there is nowhere for the chopper to land in the dense forest and so it looks like they’re safe.

At least it did until they see eight gendarmes rapelling down from the chopper. The eight gendarmes split into two four-men squads – one heading west while the other heads east.

The party members check their weapons and get into position to take on the first of the squads which is heading in their direction, hiding among the bushes.

Jie waits until the gendarmes are nearly upon the party members and then fires her autopistol at one of them, dropping him. Grim quickly takes out a second one with his shotgun. Taeva sneaks up on a third and plunges her needler into him. Unfortunately though, his mesh absorbs some of the damage and he doesn’t drop. Arvor comes forward and unleashes a volley at the fourth, but his aim is off and he misses. The gendarme fires back at him with his autorifle and drops Arvor, who falls unconscious. The other gendarme tries to hit Taeva with the butt of his rifle, but she nimbly avoids the blow. Jie takes him down with her autopistol, while Grim brings down the one who got Arvor with the shotgun.

With all of the first squad down now, the party members quickly relieve them of their autorifles, ammo, mesh and also find they each have a couple of grenades. Will rushes forward to perform first aid on Arvor, while Max backs up the LandRover so that they can get Arvor into it. Will does a good job with the first aid and Arvor soon regains consciousness while the others bundle him into the back of the LandRover.

The second squad will have heard the shots being fired and so will surely be on their way and so everyone quickly gets to their transport. Grim gets in the LandRover with Max while Will gets back on the quad bike; Taeva and Jie get back on their horses.

Within seconds of the LandRover getting underway though, Max calls out:


He and Grim both duck down as they see the chopper is above them, raking their vehicle with its twin MG’s. The two guns tear up the LandRover badly, smashing all of the windows and riddling the bodywork with shots. By some miracle though, neither Max, Grim nor Arvor gets hit and the engine and tyres also manage to survive.

Taeva has stopped her horse and fires at the chopper, taking out one of its MGs and also hitting the engine. Grim and Jie also fire at the chopper, with Grim getting another hit on the engine and Jie taking its second MG, leaving the chopper defenseless.

The chopper pilot pulls the chopper up now that it cannot cause any more damage and also knowing that another hit on the engine could bring it down. Taeva shoots another volley at the chopper, raking it will fire. Grim also riddles the chopper with fire, catching the pilot. As they watch on, the chopper lurches to one side, falling until its rotor catches the top of one of the trees, sending it careering out of control until it crashes into the forest in a ball of fire.

The other squad is close now though and so the party members don’t have time to congratulate themselves. Taeva and Jie spur on their lead horses, with the other ones following on behind them as they head further into the forest away from the squad. Will follows on immediately behind them, with the beaten up LandRover bringing up the rear.

Ten minutes later and they have managed to put three kilometres between themselves and where the remaining squad was last seen. The horses are tired now and so Jie and Taeva bring them to a halt. The others get out of their vehicles to discuss their options.

“Look at them ruts the LandRover has been diggin’ into the soft soil,” Max says with a nod at the direction they have just taken. “A bleedin’ blind man’ll be able to follow wiv us leavin’ such an obvious trail.”

The others agree that they are going to have to dump the LandRover soon as it is just too easy for their pursuers to follow. In any case, the barrels of diesel in the back got riddled with machine gun fire and have been leaking.

“Alright then,” Max says. “As long as I get the quad bike. I ’ate those bloody ’orses.”

“We need to find a stream,” says Taeva. “If we can find one, then we can ride the horses and the quad bike down it and that will throw the wahroos off the scent and make it very difficult for them to see where we got out again.”

All agree and so the procession sets off again, slowly now so as not to damage the horses.

After an hour, they find a small stream which is running down the hillside from the mountains to the sea. It’s time to abandon the LandRover now and so, with a few winces and grimaces, Arvor gets out of the LandRover and gets on one of the horses. Max loads the least damaged of the barrels of diesel onto the back of the quad bike.

Grim and Taeva see to the LandRover. Grim opens the hood/bonnet and then plunges his machete into the radiator, sending up a small cloud of steam into the cool spring air. Taeva takes one of the grenades, takes out the pin and wedges it into the driver’s door so that it will detonate as soon as anyone opens it, hopefully taking up the LandRover in a mighty fireball as the whole vehicle is now covered in a pool of diesel an inch deep.

Once the LandRover has been prepared, everyone mounts up and, with Taeva and Jie both leading a string of four horses each, with Max in between on the quad bike. They head up the stream for an hour, quite a steep climb for thee horses as the altitude increases. The sun is starting to go down now. Once it is nearly dark, Taeva leads the procession out of the stream bed and they continue in a south-westerly direction, heading to the starport and Southport once more.

They continue to walk the horses through the night in order to put as much distance as they can between them and the gendarmes. There are a couple of choppers up in the air, but they obviously have no clue at the moment as to exactly where the party might be now as they are searching a wide area. On a couple of occasions, the choppers come close and the party is forced to head for the thickest part of the forest and hide beneath the branches as the chopper’s searchlight scans the area for a while before heading off in a different direction, allowing the party to continue onwards.

After five hours of riding, they are already a good distance from Brownport, but Taeva doesn’t want to take any chances as the quad bike and the horses’ 32 hooves are still churning up the undergrowth to such an extent that their trail could be quite easy for anyone to follow if they were lucky enough to stumble across it. And so they repeat the exercise by travelling along a stream – this time heading downstream for 90 minutes bringing them back closer to the coast. They then continue riding for another couple of hours until Taeva and Jie decide that the horses are getting too tired to continue and that it’s time to give them a rest through the day. They are already 40km from Brownport, which should give them an excellent lead. Without being able to follow their trail any longer, finding the party in hundreds of square kilometres of dense forest will be like finding a needle in a haystack.

They choose a location in among a thicket of trees that will be hard to spot from the air, which Grim adds some camouflage to, and then everyone settles down for some well-needed sleep.


For Dominic and Jay, this is where we finished up this session.

So please let me know what the plan is now. It’s 3.30pm and so there is another 2.5 hours until sundown.


Nice job getting out of Nilshaven lads. Shame about Brownport. We can’t catch a break. Looks like we’re right back where we started—wounded and all.

What happened to Cpt Billy?


drive slightly off piste till dusk. Open bonnet as though to check for engine trouble and abandon, with pin grenade trap in vehicle. Take a couple hour breahter and do a night ride (back en route).

Tough but we need the distance.


Well…we were kind of hungry. Once you left the session things kind of got out of hand. One thing lead to another and well…we became uncivilized. In short, we ate Capt. Billy.


Naw just kidding!! We all walked 50 kilometers to the next town and gave him 20,000 in cash then let him go. We tried to convince him we were with the P.D.F. so if he ratted on us it would strengthen our cover story. I personally belive he was sympathetic to our plight. Luckily no one tried to bribe him with a one way ticket off planet on a space ship or e-mail Nick that they would secretivly kill him out of sight of the rest of the gang. Good times.


We can’t cover 1000 km overland by land rover without getting caught – they will certainly have multiple aerial units vectored in on us by now. Horses may help, although that would make it a 20 day journey and we would need regular changes of mount.

I think we need to stowaway again, or take a fishing boat. Perhaps there is a fishing village a little south of Brownport we can head cross country for?


Lets not repeat the mess we almost got in last time.

We retained the truck previously because we had an injured man. Unfortunately that made our choice of routes extremely predictable and easy to block via the cops. We only ended up escaping by the skin of our teeth-by travelling less predictably.

If we retain the land rover this time because we have an injured man, it will make our intended route extremly predictable and tracking extemely easy. As the cops will commit heavy firepower to the search if we don’t move less predictably we are dead.

We have used boats once and the authorities are not stupid. Once again the authorities know roughly where we are and appraching an inhabited area is in my view tantamount to suicide. To assume they won’t be checking boats and ships is underestimating their intelligence. We can’t run on a boat.

Horses and trekking is slow, but probably the only realistic option we have (unless we hike on foot). I would disagree that we will be easy to find-once out of town it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. If we forced march before dawn it makes their area of search very large, and larger and harder by the day.


“Luckily no one tried to bribe him with a one way ticket off planet on a space ship or e-mail Nick that they would secretivly kill him out of sight of the rest of the gang. Good times.”

Who ratted me out, LOL! Actually, all the credit for getting us out of Nilshaven goes to Russ!

Anyway, we have 4 Autorifles, 1 Shotgun, 1 SMG, 1 Autopistol, 2 suits Jack, 4 WalkieTalkies, 4 suits Mesh, 8 Horses, the Quad, and the messed up Land Rover. Arvor got (if I remember right Nick?) 2 points back from the healing ’cause I only rolled 1 effect for Will, so his END is at 2. Max and everybody else are fully healed.

Making for the coast again has some merit, overland is a long journey, but it seems like the coast will be watched now that they know we’re in the forest, and, as before, there’s no place to hide on the open water. Further, most of the boats in fishing villages are in regular use, unlike the motorboat we found at the lake vacation home, so their abscence from theft will likely be reported fairly quickly. Please note that 3 of us; Grim, Jie, and the native Arvor, have basic familiarity with Survival Skills, so neither we, nor the horses, are in any great danger of starving or dying of thirst while in the Forest. We also have 2 Navigators so we won’t get too lost (at least not for long). Contrast this to the open ocean where, while Billy helped us (brilliantly assisted by Jie), we did manage to run aground on a sandbar and had to swim/claw our way over Jie to make it to shore! We can’t really swim, we can’t really operate a boat in the open ocean, and we can’t risk getting lucky and finding another sympathetic “Billy” waiting alone by a gas pump.

As for me, I tentatively vote Forest, though a good argument can sway me in the other direction. I say we ditch the Land Rover as soon as Arvor heals up 1 day as it’s the only way we can move and have him heal (sorry my roll for Will wasn’t better), then we can decide on the coast or the forest.



Sorry – in my excitement to write up the chopper combat I forgot all about Billy. As Russ said, he was paid off when you got to Nilshaven with 20k.

It doesn’t look like he ratted you out anyway (you never told him about the plan to go to Brownport by freighter anyway and so, even if he had ratted you out, the cops wouldn’t have been able to figure out where you went and how from Nilshaven anyway.) I will write this into the back story anyway.

There is very little around Brownport other than the port itself which only exists to carry steel and coal through to other destinations. The coast is completely uninhabited all of the way down to Southport, so there are going to be no fishing villages and no boats to steal.

Actually isn’t doing too badly as he was not seriously wounded in the fight. Due to Will’s massive EDU, he was able to recover 6 points to Arvor with his first aid, which means that Arvor is currently 736 – not perfect, but he has as many points as Max has when he is completely healthy! Arvor will still be able to heal a point a day even if he rides.

Unless anyone has any objections, I will move things ahead quite fast as otherwise a 20 day ride could make for very dull writing and reading. I want to get this thread wrapped up in the next few days so that we’re ready to start a new one next Sunday.


Given what Nick said then lets head off on the Horses and the Quad and dump the LR!


(p.s. if I made any mistakes on the skill list let me know and I’ll fix them :0 )


I’ll grenade trap the LR door when we leave it. if they’re carelesswith all that fuel it might scratch one search party.


That’s awesome, Ian – that page is going to save me a lot of time as there are many occasions when I have to look through all six profiles to check who can and can’t perform some certain tasks.

And well done all of you who’ve figured out how to make the tables work – data looks a whole lot better when it’s in tabular form.


Thanks Nick! I was having the same problem and figured if it was annoying for me then it must be absolutely maddening for you, LOL! In any case, I’d like to thank Dom again for the entry level lesson into HTML!


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