Mustered Out on Mertactor



It’s 2.00am when the S.S. Evening Star arrives at Brownport. The party members wait a couple of hours for the crew to settle down and then Taeva gets out of the hold to check on the situation. There is no sign of the crew now and the dockside is also empty at this time of night and so quietly, the party members start to disembark, one by one. Ten minutes later and they are safely off the ship and out of the docks, into the deserted streets of Brownport.

They start off by looking for somewhere to hole up for the remainder of the night as it looks as if nowhere is open at the moment. They find a rundown looking cottage which doesn’t seem to have seen any life for several years, which Taeva is easily able to open up for them and spend the rest of the night there.

They have no rations left now and its a lot colder down here in Brownport than it was up in the tropics and so they need some warm weather clothing. At 9.00am, as soon as the shops are open, Arvor and Taeva head off to a clothing store in order to buy some clothes for everyone.

Unfortunately the shop assistant gets suspicious. The wanted posters are still up and Arvor gets the feeling that the pair of them could well have been spotted. There are too many people in the shop for them to take hostages and so the pair of them beat a hasty retreat, managing to make it back to the cottage without being followed, at least.

They tell the others what has happened. They realize that they need to get out of the city as soon as night falls.

They sleep for the rest of the daylight hours, although two remain on watch for the whole time. There are no searches, however. As soon as the sun has gone down, they head out of the cottage, heading for the road that leads to Shebleharm in order to throw any pursuers off the scent that they might be heading for the starport.

Arvor’s feeling that they were rumbled at the clothes shop proves to be true as they see that there are a couple of gendarme APC’s blocking the main road. Taeva leads them well away from the road, rejoining it a couple of kilometers further out, well out of sight of the APC’s.

They then start looking for farms once more. At the first one that they check out, they manage to find a long wheelbase LandRover, a quad bike and two horses. They also manage to find four barrels of diesel which they load into the LandRover before heading off.

At the next farm, they find exactly what they are looking for – more horses. There are ten of them in total, plus all of the tack they need. They are still short of provisions though and so Taeva breaks into the farmhouse. Unfortunately, a squeaky floorboard awakens the occupants and so the stealthy approach is out. Taeva threatens them with her blade and the farmer soon gives up. She ties them up while the others ransack the place, managing to find enough food to keep them going for a week, plenty of warm clothes and blankets, plus a two-man tent, all of which are loaded into the back of the LandRover.

Once they have plundered all worth taking, the convoy sets off. Jie and Taeva are on horseback, with each leading five horses behind them, followed by Will on the quad bike, with Max bringing up the rear driving the LandRover, with Arvor and Grim both riding shotgun.

In order to try and throw any pursuers off their track, they head down to the road to Shebleharm for three hours, and then head southwest through the forest for four hours. By the time the sun starts to rise, they are 30km due west of Brownport.

They rest up to hide out for the day. Grim cuts down several branches from the trees, making a superb job of camouflaging their camp from the air. The party members organize a watch rota and then settle down to get some rest.



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