Mustered Out on Mertactor


Off to the Asteroids

Everyone is up relatively early as it’s another departure day. At least they don’t have to get dressed in their dress uniforms to receive new passengers though.

With no Arvor, Taeva has sole responsibility for checking that the cargo is secure herself. She checks the meds very carefully in case Max wasn’t being entirely honest about their medicinal nature, but they check out OK. Jie loads the hold with her cargo walker as Taeva gives her the nod that all is correct.

By 10.00am, all of the cargo is loaded and signed for. Grim has finished overseeing the refuelling and they shut the airlock door as they await the arrival of their departure slot.

At 11.00am on the dot, Will pulls away from the dock while Jie tries to stay calm as she tries to plot a course while monitoring the sensors at the same time, but it takes a bit of getting used to. Max sees Jie struggling and starts tickling her just to make her life that little bit more difficult.

Once the course is plotted though and the Princess is a couple of hours away from the high traffic in close proximity to the Heaven’s Gate highport, things calm down for Jie and the bridge crew resign themselves to a long and tedious journey to the asteroid belt.


C’mon Nick! Don’t leave me hangin’!! I left early yesterday and you stopped the logs before I could find out what happened! So many questions!

Is Sunny really dead?

Are we wanted Space Pirates now?

Does Grim EVER get the girl?

How does the new player, Tim, fit into all this? Is he a Zhodani confederate of Jay’s?

Was the Capns’ secret identity as ‘Wilhelmina’ exposed?

How did Autumn come to be with Arvors child and will he step up like a man or claim his relationship with our lovely Purser is ‘Top Secret; by Order of NavInt’?


Pah! Zhodani?!


Exactly what a Zho spy would say, ny friend. Exactly.


ny friend? is that one of dick cheney’s too?


Things just don’t take with you my friend Grim. I say again (and for the very, very last time!): these are not the droids you’re looking for. Although (side glance at the new guy) anyone who actually looks good in pink IS a bit suspicious.


Will’s answers to Grim’s questions:
1. Yup. Even Will can’t fix a 6 cm hole though the gut. He did go out a hero — at least in his own mind.
2. Probably. Piracy and murder. Unless there are actually no dead Aslani, which seems doubtful given the massive damage we were rolling. Even Will got his hands bloody. It was mayhem! Cat’s everywhere, their beady yellow eyes blazing out of every dark corner. Claws slashing through armour like hot knives through butter. The reek of kitty litter gagging us all. Horrible, just horrible…
3. No. Never. The new guy’s cute in pink though. Just sayin’.
4. Pah! Zhodani?!
5. Not yet thankfully.
6. Hah! I knew it! Fortunately Taeva has her secret video’s…


1. According to “Capn Will and the Lava Women”, he can sew up holes in the wounded over a foot in diameter, as well as being able to create whole new appendages out of duct tape and chewing gum, all while piloting around various space hazards blindfolded.
2. (OOC ROFL) Grim, in addition to his mild phobia of large breasted women from his New You experience, can’t stand Tuna sandwiches anymore. The odor causes flasbacks.
3. That’s what I thought. :(
4. Hmm. Seems there’s an echo.
5. Well, her secret is safe with Grim. After all, she did comfort him after his hostage stint at the Elixabethan Embassy.
6. Arvor rang, just before his shuttle left. He claims no responsibilty but said something about having the babys birth certificate read: “Eiper Pan Wiksaren, Destroyer of Worlds and Bringer of Death, Humbly” or somesuch.


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