Mustered Out on Mertactor


Arrival in Nilshaven

The party members continue with their hike at 19.00. A couple of hours later and they arrive at the outskirts of Nilshaven. It’s been over a day since anyone went and so getting rations is one of the priorities.

Out of earshot of him, the party members discuss what they should do with Captain Billy. During the time that he has been with the party, he has shown a lot of sympathy for the PDF’s activities and has been very useful to them. He has also made no attempt to try and escape. The party members decide to trust him – in any case they are not going to tell him where they intend to go after Nilshaven and so they should be gone before the cops know that they are here. Will gives him 20k from the party’s remaining funds and wish him well as he heads off into the night.

Once Billy is safely out of the way, the others ask Arvor to check at the docks to see if there are any ships due to depart for Southport while he is out getting more rations for them.

The others wait on the outskirts of the city while Arvor goes to investigate. A couple of hours later, he returns laden with food. He tells them that there are no ships in port heading for Southport any time soon, but there is one due to depart for Brownport the following day. The party members decide that this will knock 3000km off their trip and so is worth taking.

The party members sneak into the city centre, with Taeva leading the way. There don’t seem to be any road blocks in evidence any more – they seem to have thrown the police off their scent. On the way, Arvor heads into a supermarket to buy more provisions, so everyone is now loaded up with provisions for the trip. They then continue to the docks.

The coast seems to be pretty clear, with no guards around. The ship, the S.S. Evening Star has all its light on, but there are no signs of any crew members.

Taeva is the first on board, quickly heading up the gang plank before hiding behind a life boat. Arvor follows her up unseen, then Grim, Jie, Max and finally Will. There’s still no one around. Taeva leads the party around until she finds steps down to the cargo deck. The cargo deck is three-quarters full, offering plenty of hiding places. They all head down to the hold and find themselves a hidden spot where they can spend the journey.



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