Mustered Out on Mertactor


Busted at Refuelling

Despite having two party members on watch all the time, the daylight hours were without incident as no one checked on the boat and so, as soon as the sun has set, Jie sets off for the evening journey towards Tealmouth. With no major cities en route, it’s an easy journey and, after three hours, they are over half way towards their destination. Their fuel is getting low though – it doesn’t look as if there will bee enough to get them all the way to Tealmouth.

Grim checks the map. The town of Quilford is just half an hour ahead where two rivers join. They head for the town and see that there is a small marina there and pull in to take on more fuel.

Arvor does the talking, taking the autopistol with him. It’s after 10.00pm and there is little sign of any activity there, but Arvor manages to find one elderly man on duty. He obviously finds it strange that someone should be travelling at this time of night. Arvor sees his eyes glance to a poster pinned in his office; he sees that it contains identikit pictures of the party.

Arvor quickly pulls his autopistol on the man, knowing that it is not safe to leave him. He brings the man back to the ship to tell the others what has happened. They decide that the safest thing to do is to take the man, Captain Billy, with them on their trip as otherwise the party will be too easy for the police to track down. Captain Billy agrees to do whatever the party wants of him. He fills the boat’s tank and helps them load up another couple of barrels as well.

With the boat now full of fuel, Jie takes off again and, by midnight, the boat has arrive at Tealmouth.

The party members discuss their options for a while. While an ocean-going vessel would be better suited for the trip, they decide that there are just too many risks involved in taking it. Out on the sea, they would be sitting ducks if they were stopped by the coastguard. So they decide to risk taking the motor boat out to sea.

At 1.00am, the motor boat passes through the mouth of the river and heads west following the coastline at around 1km from the coast,



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