Mustered Out on Mertactor


Boat Trip to Twalarsk

The watch wasn’t necessary in the end. Although there were plenty of police cars screaming down the road, sirens blaring and plenty of choppers flying overhead, the feared door-to-door search never happened. Jie and Taeva join up with the others at 17.00, having been alerted to the right cottage by Grim displaying a red blanket outside.

The party members wait for a couple of hours until the sun has fully set and its complete darkness before moving from the cottage to the boat. Once everyone is onboard, they use the oars to move them quietly away from the mooring out into the lake and then Grim hotwires the engine. Jie takes the driver’s seat and sets the boat in the direction of Marianske. The placid waters of the lake are easy to traverse and Jie finds it no more difficult to manoeuvre than a car. She sets the boat at a steady cruising speed of 15kmh and, in under an hour, is passing by Marianske heading for the River Teal.

As the River Teal goes straight through the middle of the Marianske, there is a nervewracking moment as the boat passes underneath a bridge upon which the police have set up another roadblock. Arvor stands next to Jie in case the cops ask any questions. However, the cops only seem to be interested in road traffic as they don’t question the boat as the boat silently passes beneath.

From then on, it’s plain steaming as the boat continues through Marianske into the open countryside.

Five uneventful hours later and the boat hits the outskirts of Twalarsk and continues on through to dawn. Once again there are some nervewracking moments as they pass beneath the bridges with road blocks above them, but again they are not questioned and continue their journey. By the time dawn breaks, they are nearly through Twalarsk. By the time the sun is completely up, they are through the city. Jie looks for a mooring out of sight of the road and they tie the boat up before resting for the remaining hours of daylight.



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