Mustered Out on Mertactor


Warehouse & Cars

The party assemble as usual for breakfast.

For the day, they decide to split into three groups – Max and Grim will spend the day looking for a warehouse, while Arvor and Jie; Taeva and William both start looking around the second hand car dealers for some cheap, but still-usable pickup trucks as one of them can check the mechanics while the other can take them on test drives.

Everyone heads off on their tasks. By mid-afternoon, Max and Grim have found a medium-sized warehouse in a quiet area of town right on the edge of the city. If all the plans go wrong, then at least it would be possible to land the Falcon here for a while to regroup. Max haggles and gets the payment down to Cr5,000 for the first month with no deposit.

They head back into town and call around the others to see how they are getting on with finding some pickups. Between the two groups, they have managed to find four of the pickups and so Max goes around to join them in order to haggle over the price. He ends up getting each of them for Cr.3.000 as they’re all a bit beaten up and are several years old. They’re all mechanically sound though and should do for the one small job that they need them to do.

They drive the pickups back to the hotel.

After two wild nights on the town, the party members decide to have a quiet night in. Later that evening, Grim gives Manuel a call. Manuel gives him the good news – he and 16 of the other stevedores are up for the job. Grim tells him to tell everyone to meet with the party members at 11am the next day a couple of blocks away from the hotel and Miguel says that he is on the case.

The party members take the opportunity of having a quiet night after their recent excesses.



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