Mustered Out on Mertactor


Boarding the Sunwise Star

The Sunwise Star is scheduled for a departure time of 06.00 and so it’s an early start for everyone. Hyrm drives the Traske family to the starport with the other party members following them in a couple of air/cabs and they arrive at the starport at 05.00.

The ship looks reasonable enough, although the staff don’t inspire much confidence. They all look half-asleep still and as if they were on the booze last night. The captain is nowhere to be seen as the two stewards are left to welcome everyone onboard and help everyone with their luggage.

There’s an emotional farewell as Hyrm, Shania and Taeva’s younger sister hug her goodbye. There are a lot of tears, especially when Taeva avoids the question as to when they might see her again. Hyrm shakes everyone firmly by the hand, thanking them over and over for all their help over the last month.

The boarding ramp is moved away and the airlock door is closed. Taeva can see her family members still stood watching as the Free Trader maneuvers to the launch pad. At 06.00, the ship takes off into the cold skies of Tarsus and breaks through the atmosphere less than an hour later.

The party members settle in for a long journey as the ship begins its two day journey to jump distance first of all and avail themselves to the hospitality that their high passage tickets offer them. It soon becomes apparent that it’s not going to be such a ‘high’ experience as they were hoping for. The purser, Glen Kwouk, and second steward, Julie Briggs, both seem to be pretty incompetent and the food is terrible. It’s a little better than the Uguin’s Princess experience, but not a lot.

Once the ship is safely through the atmosphere, Captain Jacque Kriseu comes through. He has an arrogance to him though and a disinterest in the passengers, just offering a nod in everyone’s direction before sitting himself down in front of the holovid projector and chain smoking some foul-smelling cigarettes.

There are only seven passenger staterooms onboard and the party occupy six of them. The seventh belongs to Lic. Marcos Hernandez, a native of Avastan who is returning from a vacation on Tarsus. He’s a shifty looking guy in a cheap suit who keeps himself to himself and interacts little with the others. He says that he is a lawyer on Avastan, but refuses to be drawn into details.

The party members soon realize that, if there’s any entertainment to be had onboard for the next nine days, then they are going to have to make it themselves.


Firstly, Nick, you do an outstanding job with these updates! Lots of fun to read—we actually sound half competent.

Before we reach jump distance, William uses the comms system to access Tarsus’s interwebs and posts a scathing review of the Sunwise Star on Rate Your


2nd that! We do sound rather good.

Arvor rolls his eyes at Williams update, and wishes he had waited until we had emerged from jump at the other end.


Everyone can give themselves two ‘jumps’ of training time for the 9 days on the Sunwise Star and the four days waiting to depart combined.


Arvor attempts to purchase a few items before leaving Tarsus – a case of Pavabid-style Nobble jerky, a genuine nobble-hide jacket, a suit of protec armour cut as a business suit, and a suit of reflec.


2nd Arvor on a suit of reflec for Grim!


Case of Nobble Jerky | 100
Nobblehide Jacket (counts as Jack) | 250
Protec Armor Business Suit | 550
Reflec | 1750

Max will also get himself some Reflec


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