Mustered Out on Mertactor


Making Deals

Everyone is down for breakfast, the Traske family still chatting constantly. Max, however, isn’t listening. He’s going through the latest draft of the contract that SuSAG’s lawyer had emailed over late last night.

“Looks OK to me,” he says.

He makes a call, clarifying a few points here and there.

“Our lawyers say they’re ‘appy wiv it as well, so I reckon it’s a goer.”

“Can you take care of this for me from now on, guys?” he asks. “I need to find us some goods for the trip to Avastan.”

The others are only too happy to obliged, the small city of Newland now running short on fresh and interesting attractions for them.

Taeava’s sister spends the day showing Shania, Taeva and Hyrm around the sights of her city and they take a lot of photos. Taeva escorts them to the offices of Messrs. Landell, Aronstein and Goldberg Esqs. for 16.00. Arvor, Grim and Jie watch the area. SuSAG’s usual undercover air/raft is there on the opposite side of the road. Grim waves at them just to piss them off. The occupents pretend not to see, reading holopapers instead.

As usual, John Grantham’s limo pulls up dead on 16.00 and the goons escort him, and their Senior VP of Legal Affairs into the expensive officers. John Grantham smiles benignly over everyone, making a great fuss to Shania and her daughter. Hyrm harrumphs.

Shania and John sit at opposite sides of the table with a copy of the contract in front of them. John reads it again. The Senior VP of Legal Affairs points at something and whispers.

“Section 2, Paragraph 2 Clause (b) Point (iii) – after further deliberation, we’ve decided that we can’t go with that one. We want it taken out.”

The party members sigh. But Messr. Goldberg gets pissed. “Bullshit, Solomon – don’t try and pull any of your ‘nibbles’ on us at this late stage. This was all agreed last night. My clients will walk if they don’t have that clause in it.”

He theatrically sweeps both copies of the contract off the table and stands over a shredder.

“It this what you want to do? Piss this deal away? Are you out of your fucking minds?”

Solomon isn’t standing for that and rushes over and grabs the contract out of his hands. “Bullshit theatrics – your client need this deal more than we do.”

The pair of them start squabbling. John sits back looking pissed off for five minutes his face getting redder and redder.

“Fucking lawyers, always want to wave their cocks about.”

He notices the Traskes sitting on the opposite side of the table and reddens with embarrassment. “Sorry, Ma’am, I forgot there were ladies present.”

He grabs both copies of the contracts and scribbles his signature on them angrily before passing them over to Shania. Shania daintily adds her signature.

It’s done.

John gets very slimline handcomp from his jacket pockets and keys over the cash. Shania’s eyes go wide as she sees the amount of zeros. She goes over and gives John a big hug, which embarrasses him all the more.

“Well, Madam, congratulations on your new home. I hope that you enjoy a very nice life with it. Now we must be going.”

The suits all shake one anothers hands and then they are gone.

“Looks like we should have a celebration tonight.” Hyrm says. "No one is against the idea.

They head back to the hotel to change. They find Max angrily pacing round the lobby bellowing into his mouthpiece.

“But I don’t want the fucking Nobble leather at that price. There’s so much of that shit on the market that you should be paying me to get rid of it for you. “I jus’ want the fuckin’ aluminum.”

“Bastard,” he shouts as he slams the phone down.

He lights another cigarette and paces around thinking.

“Hmmmmm, it will be a risky one this one – especially after freight costs. Could make a little on it or lose a little. It’s against my religion to go empty handed though.”

“You boys in a gambling mood?” he asks. “If so, we all need to get our wallets out again.”

“I can get 50 tons of aluminum at 75% of wholesale. That should earn us a little bit. But the supplier wants to bundle it with 40 tons nobble leather and the best that he will offer is 85% of wholesale. Avastan is a total shit hole so it will be tough to make much, if anything on that.”

“It comes to Cr.289,500 in total, but I need to find a ship to carry it as well and so there will be some freight costs on top.”

The others are happy to leave the decision to Max. He then gets back on the phone and starts looking for ships that are going to Avastan.

He seems happier once he gets off the phone.

“I managed to get us enough space for our needs at just Cr.200/ton. That’s a result for sure. I was expecting we’d ’ave to pay a lot more than that.”

“There’s a free trader and a far trader both leaving on 119 with enough space between them to take everything, so we might as well travel on one of them.”

“So I need Cr.307,500 for the goods and freight and the kitty will need topping up if we’re stuck here for another four days.”

“If I use the Cr.180,000 from the Tarsuline, can everyone put 23k in the kitty so that we have everything covered?”

The others agree, trusting Max’s judgement in the matter. After all, he did earn them a lot on his last two trades.

Everyone then heads out for a celebratory dinner on achieving such an excellent result for the Traske family, which lasts well into the night.


Can everyone put another 7k each into the kitty?

Anything else you want to do before leaving Tarsus?


Oops – ignore those last figures – I was 100k out.

Can everyone put Cr.23,000 in the kitty? This is on top of the 2,000 that needed to top up the kitty a few days ago, so everyone will need to put in 25,000 since you all got 5000 from the cash in Jimmy-Joe’s safe.


Cash in JJ’s safe? I missed that one!

William tosses in the cash, giving Max a wink.


William will also update Ana on our departure plans.


Cool, so Grim has 30k invested from his share of Tarsuline sale, plus 23k more from “petty cash”, lol. I had already deducted the 2k kitty bump and had already added the share of the safe. Done, Chief.


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