Mustered Out on Mertactor


Reunion in Newland

Groggy once more (as seems to be the habit after spending a night in Plainsville) everyone drags themselves out of the hotel and to their air/rafts for what they are glad will be the last time they need to cross the tedious empty flatness of the Nob Plain.

It’s early evening when the air/rafts descend, heading towards their regular hotel on the frozen shore.

Shania had called Taeva’s sister to tell her that she was coming and she is waiting for her to arrive in the lobby of the hotel. Both Shania and her youngest daughter burst into tears when they see one another, rushing towards one another and hugging.

“I fink I got somefink in my eye,” Max sniffs as he witnesses the scene. “I better get that air/raft back before they make us pay another day’s rental on it.”

The Professor thanks everyone for a very pleasant few days spent together and then heads off to deliver his report to his superiors at SuSAG.

The party members take the Traske family out for a good dinner where the three women have a lot of catching up to do.


As for speculative trade, Arvor has an extra 30k he is willing to invest.


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