Mustered Out on Mertactor


Back with the Botanist

Professor Shelby Kohl is waiting for the party in the lobby of their hotel when they come down to breakfast. The party is reassured to see that he is an elderly looking man with a white beard, thick glasses and thick spectacles. If it came to a fight, even William could take him.

They invite the Professor to join them for breakfast where the Professor proves himself to be a charming dining companion and quite interesting too – providing that one is interested in flora. The party members check out of the hotel and head to the air/rafts. There’s not going to be room for everyone in the two air/rafts on the way back and so Max has hired one for Cr.600 per day (including fully comprehensive insurance which he thinks is necessary as he’s flying solo for the first time).

They head off towards Plainsville and, after another dull and uneventful journey, arrive there in the early evening. They check into the lone hotel in the town. The receptionist now greets them by name as they are regular visitors. Now that harvest season is over, the town is as sleepy as it was the first time they were there. The locals in the saloon tip their hats in greeting to them this time, remembering them from when they were last through, still grubby from harvesting.

They spend the evening chatting with the locals until the lure of warm beds becomes more than another cold beer.



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