Mustered Out on Mertactor


Parcel for SuSAG

After the late night, no one gets up too early and so they assemble for breakfast at 10.00am. It’s still dark outside and will stay that way the whole day.

The party members discuss what to do next. Max, not knowing what to do about the SuSAG situation reads from his datapad, keeping an eye on the price of pork belly and frozen orange juice futures, ready to try and make another killing once they decide to leave Tarsus.

“Bloody ’ell!” he exclaims. “Listen to this.”

He flicks the datapad to holo mode and broadcasts an item from the breakfast news.

“This just in. Jimmy-Joe Jefferson, the entrepreneur from Evander whose air/raft mysteriously disappeared en route from Newland to Evander three days ago, has been found dead. His air/raft was found crashed in the Shallows area of the Sea of Winds. The Newland Coroner reported that Mr. Jefferson had suffered a minor coronary while flying his air/raft on manual just above sea level and crashed into the Shallows. The TDF have awarded a ‘death by misadventure’ verdict and have warned other air/raft users of the dangers of flying alone while on manual.”

The party members look at one another, all thinking the same thing – that SuSAG is not the forgiving type when it comes to screw ups.

They are about to continue with their conversation when William’s commo rings. It’s the University. He reports that the initial tests on the Tarsuline as revealed that it has mild hallucinogenic qualities when taken in large quantities.

The party members nod knowingly – guessing that the reason that SuSAG needs the Tarsuline so desperately is for their psi-drugs division. Taeva is keen to explore the substance in more detail, but William reminds her that it would take many weeks and tens of thousands of credits to test it thoroughly.

“If it is for psi-drugs, they’ll need psions to test it and they ain’t going to be easy to find.” Max says. “Not that I particularly want nothin’ to do with them mind-rapin’ witches anyway. They give me the creeps.”

The party members spend the morning discussing their options and decide that they have enough evidence already to get SuSAG interested in what they have to offer. They decide to use a courier company to deliver a parcel to SuSAG’s corporate HQ containing 5kg of Tarsuline as a sample, plus some edited highlights of the video footage which they have shot.

William checks the SuSAG corporate website and finds that their top man on Tarsus is their CEO, John Grantham, based out of their main offices at the starport. They package up with Tarsuline and evidence together with a letter asking them to meet at the Jardin du Soleil restaurant, conveniently located right in front of the main TDF base on the old town square in case of any funny business.

Max takes the parcel to the local courier company’s office, giving them a fake sender’s name and address. The party members then have a quiet day for the remainder of the day, pleased to be able to spend an entire day in the warm for a change rather than on constant stakeouts.



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