Mustered Out on Mertactor


Out to Nob Plain

The party members are up early to take advantage of the last of the light before another of Tarsus’s night cycles. They have breakfast and then spend the next couple of hours loading the harvest vehicles with all of the supplies and materials that they will need.

While they are doing so, the squad from the TDF arrives in a G-Carrier. They aren’t the militia’s finest specimens, most of them are elderly and sporting paunches as the majority of the militiamen in the region are also heading out for the harvest. However, the men are well-armed. mostly with ACRs.

“Just the fact that they are here should be enough,” Hyrm says as he sees the party members wondering how much use these rent-a-cops are going to be. “That Jimmy-Joe would be a complete fool if he picked a fight with the TDF. That’s about the one thing you can do on this planet to get the law on your back – and that’s to shoot some TDF troopers.”

With the ranch now secure, the group can now head off to the harvest. Hyrm, Billy-Bob and Dan Kennedy maneuver the vast grav trucks from the barns. Two of them are vast articulated trucks containing refrigerated containers on the back. The other one contains all of the equipment and provides some very basic accommodation.

Clint and Max take the two air/rafts with the party members inside. As dusk falls, everyone says their farewells to Shania and the TDF troopers and the convoy sets off towards the centre of Nob Plain.

The loaded juggernauts can’t get above 200kmh and so it is a long and slow journey out to the centre of the Plain. Over the past couple of weeks it has gotten steadily colder as it approaches mid-winter in the southern hemisphere and the snow is now deep on the ground.

After a break for a late lunch, the group resumes the journey. Eventually, after 12 hours of travelling, the juggernauts slowly start to descend to the Plain.

Hyrm uses LI goggles to find an appropriate place to set up the camp. He places it just to the north of a small copse of trees. The nobbles will be approaching from the south and so this should ensure that they don’t stampeded through the camp as the huge beasts would turn all of the vehicles into scrap metal in a matter of seconds if they were in their paths.

Hyrm checks his radar and nods with satisfaction. “They’re still on course,” he says. “They should be here about an hour after sunrise.”

There’s a lot of work needed to get the camp ready for the harvest and the entire group slave away well into the night assembling the cranes, tables and sundry other equipment that will be needed to prepare the meat before the deadline.

In the small hours of the morning, everything has been set up to Hyrm’s satisfaction finally and so he allows everyone to get some sleep. Everyone is exhausted after the long day and, despite the cramped conditions, they’re all asleep in a matter of minutes.



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