Mustered Out on Mertactor


Buying Tickets & Freight

During the day, Jie, Taeva and Max head for the Shaaskuu Import/Export offices to book their tickets and freight on board Uguin’s Princess to ensure that the whole party and their freight can travel together.

Taeva was not at all impressed at hearing of Kiimii’s snobby attitude to Jie and suggests making trouble on the ship in order to get refunds. In order to keep this as an option, the three of them don’t head there together, but rather head there separately so that they don’t know of any relationship between Max, Teava and the others at least.

Max is the last to book his ticket and also negotiates the freight costs for the 20 tons of piping that he wants to ship to Tarsus. Kiimii once again proves to be very difficult to deal with. Kiimii and Max spend over an hour haggling over the prices until they settle on a price of Cr.600/ton, a price that Max is far from happy with, but realizes that it will make life a whole lot easier if everything travels together, so he reluctantly agrees.

With the freight now arranged, he heads to the seller and arranges payment for the freight and delivery straight to Shaaskuu’s warehouse so as not to incur any other charges.

With all of the arrangements now made, there’s nothing else for the party members to do other than to wait for the call from Kiimii to say that the crew roster is now full and to give a date and time for departure.