Mustered Out on Mertactor


Looking for Work

Once again, the party meets for breakfast before attending to their tasks for the day. Once they have finished, Taeva heads off shopping while Max fires up his handcomp once more and starts looking for more cargo.

The others all start looking for a ship heading to Collace that might be in need of their many talents. The first few inquiries they make are for ships that are heading to destinations other than Tarsus, but soon they find one that looks interesting.

Free Trader Uguin’s Princess looking for full crew for its inaugural flight to Tarsus. Call kiimii.shaaskuu.impex

Grim makes the call and is answered by a young, well-spoken girl who is in her early twenties. Grim explains that he has an almost full crew available. Kiimii tells him that this sounds great and that everyone should stop by the company’s office at 3.00pm that afternoon for an interview.

The four of them head back to their rooms to shave, put on their best clothes and make themselves look as presentable as possible and then head off to the address that was given over the commo.

Shaaskuu Import/Export occupies some very fancy looking offices in one of the more exclusive parts of the starport. The group members aren’t kept waiting long before they are welcomed by Kiimii and invited into the conference room.

Here the party members learn that Kiimii is the only daughter of Unguin Shaaskuu, a minor aristocrat and a wealthy merchant. Kiimii is fresh out of Merchant Academy and, as a reward for passing all of her exams, daddy bought her an A2 Far Trader to play with. It’s obvious that she has zero experience with the day-to-day routine of operating a spaceship although she knows a fair bit about economics. Tarsus is the obvious destination for the ship’s maiden voyage as the only other options a jump away, Pavabid and Judice, her father has forbidden her to go to, saying that they are ‘too dangerous’.

Kiimii is immediately taken by Grim’s credentials, his rugged good looks and his polite and well-spoken demeanor and he is immediately offered the job as engineer. She’s rather less impressed with the uncouth nature of the other party members, however, being something of a snob. Once William has demonstrated his fine academic background to her as well as his excellent credentials though, he too manages to win her over and is offered the job of pilot.

Arvor plays on his Collace Naval background, but Kiimii is still not convinced, so Arvor tries a tactic of namedropping. When Arvor mentions the fact that he is a very close friend of Baroness Anya Veeleesarkasian, Kiimii’s eyes light up in recognition of one of Collace’s leading socialites, and Arvor is offered the job of Chief Gunner. Being very protective of his daughter, Unguin has ensured that the ship is well-armed with two triple turrets.

Unfortunately though, Jie is not able to sell herself well to Kiimii. Maybe it’s her horrible accent, maybe it’s the way that she keeps scratching herself in embarrassing places, maybe it’s the fact that she was just a grunt on a backwater planet, or maybe Kiimii is just jealous of Jie’s good looks, but Kiimii refuses to offer her a position either as a second gunner or as the ship’s medic. Grim tries to talk Kiimii around, but Kiimii is resolute – it’s her ship and she only wants classy people working with her.

Realizing that three working passages are as good as they are going to get, the party members leave. Kiimii tells them that she is seeing other people for the remaining positions and that the ship will leave as soon as it is fully staffed. She takes Grim’s contact information and tells him that she will be in touch as soon as she knows when.

The party members head back to the hotel. Max is waiting for them in the bar.

“Trade goods are all sorted,” he announces. “No point in reinventin’ the wheel – so I went back to the bloke I got the piping off an’ he has plenty more to sell. Price is a little higher than the last time, but not much an’ they should sell better on an Agricultural World like Tarsus.”

“Price is normally 90k for 10 tons, but I’m gettin’ ‘em for 60k. I’d like to get 20 tons, but I’m not sure if we can afford that now – especially when we’ll need to pay freight charges as well. ‘Ow did you get on with your job’untin’?”

Grim explains that three of the party members were able to get jobs, but that Jie, Taeva and Max will each need to pay Cr.8,000 for Middle Class Passage."

“OK,” Max replies. “Well are we all able to chip in 11k each so we can buy 10 tons of pipin’?”

“Can anyone afford to put more than 11k in? I can chip in another 15k on top of that if you can find another 50 grand between you.”

He looks at William hopefully.

One by one, the party members check their balances and throw cash into the pot. Jie can just cover her ticket plus 11k for the original goods. Taeva has just 5k left after paying for her ticket.

“We can use 6k from petty cash for the goods, cant we?” Max asks. “That’s all we’re short and we won’t burn through 6k before we leave.”

The others agree and Max is happy that they are able to buy another 20 tons, knowing that there should be at least another 25k in profit coming from it. He orders another round in celebration. The party members spend a few more hours at the bar and then head for their rooms.


After his personal purchases, William can add up to Cr.40k to the trade pool—that’s total so, given the 11k base, that’s an additional 29k.


Arvor can toss in 25K, he is used to cutting corners and living on short commons, so his current status is pretty luxurious.


That’s 11k + 14K over.


Grim can throw in 20k total, the 11k plus 9k more…


Max tallies up the contributions:

“15k from me, 29k from William, 14k from Arvor an’ 9k from Grim – that’s 67k in total – so we can do it if Jie an’ Taeva can afford to pay for their tickets an’ the 11k for the first 10 tons.”

“Are you able to manage it, ladies? If not, ’ow much will you be short?”

“If we’re really close, we can use some of the kitty money as we won’t need any spendin’ money while we’re on the ship.”


For those who tried and failed to get hired, I think we should subsidize the passage money from the kitty. After all, it is not really their fault they couldn’t work the passage. That should help them make a fairer contribution directly. Hmmm. I wonder if I am a communist at heart ;).


All Canadians are commies. Didn’t Pierre teach us that? Reluctantly (because of the commie thing, not that I don’t think we should help), I agree that the group should pay the fares of those our young patron has problems with.

William has a question though. If this is working passage, presumably it’s one way. How is this young lady going to get her fancy toy home when we all go our way on Tarsus?


It’s a Class B starport on Tarsus and so it shouldn’t be too much more difficult for her to find new crew there as it is on Collace.


Damn that SOC-2 !! Now instead of working my way across the stars I’ll probibly have to lounge around the U.V. lighted pool and sip Pina-coladas and work on my tan…Heeeey that don’t sound so bad! I’ll just have to remember to flick a booger on Kiimii later. As for the cash, Jie has an advantage growing up poor then joining one of least paid branches of the military. She really has no goals set up for her earned credits. After the Chaotic Cargo Caper she gave most of her earnings to the kitty (minus a few sundries)leaving her with almost nothing. Now she is more then happy to give the earnings from Arvors Arial Adventure into the kitty also. However, in reveiwing my notes from the last session I realize I suck at note taking and only have a dootle of a stick figure Jie punching a Wahroo. I will ask Nick for the ammount of my share and then deposit it into the kitty (minus a few sundries)


Jie received 21962 from the last trading exercise.

As a result, as long as she doesn’t want to spend any more than 2962 on sundries while she is on Collace, she can afford the Cr.8000 for her ticket and Cr.11000 for her contribution to the first 10 tons of cargo.


Total income (and actual cash) 16k
- about 3 k spent
- mid passage 8k
= 5k with pocket money again in the 100s


sorry 19 k in but 6k spent: same end total


I suggest you f*** up the voyage/ passenger treatment. Max and I can then pretend to be outraged and demand our monies back at other end. What do you think Max?

Probabaly won’t wash with Jie as she applied.

Max and I will pretend not to know you. I’ve done this before and it can work surprisingly well, especially with new captains.


Anyway she sounds a cow. Might be fun for us to play passengers from hell that might ruin her new ships reputation.


Hmm.Mind you if she’s party to our celebrity status it would be a bust ((depends how widespread it was)).


No, you have no celebrity status as it was part of the instructions that you shouldn’t tell anyone about the Pavabid mission. If word spread to Pavabid about what you did, then not only would the whole mission have been in vain, but you’d probably have them issuing a fatwa on your asses!


i meant the hijack thing))


That was nearly 6 weeks ago – your 15 minutes of fame are most definitely over now!