Mustered Out on Mertactor


Paying Debts

As is their custom, the party members meet up for breakfast in order to discuss their intentions for the day.

Max keys over a big chunk of cash to Arvor so that he has enough to deposit the Cr.27,500 needed to repay the debt to Grisst into the bank account which Ana Pyriem gave him the details of. Grisst will surely be impressed by the fact that the party was able to honor the contract so any further requests that they might make of him will surely be met positively as long as they are reasonable and Grisst is able to make a decent return on investment too.

William asks Max for the details of the transaction — not to check on him, more to learn a bit about merchanting.

“Well, if we can get regular ‘olesale on the goods we ’ave in the ware’house, then we’ll be around 100 grand in profit since the start of our relationship,” Max explains. “We made about 60 grand from ‘aulin’ cargo an’ will ‘ave made around 60 grand in tradin’. Less Taeva’s gear shoppin’ an’ minor expenses comes to around 20 grand, which is why we should end up with 100 grand in our accounts after everythin’s done an’ dusted on top of our original investment of around 90k.”

“Does this all make sense to everyone?”

This leads on to a conversation about division of the party’s assets. Taeva wants her cash out and, as she earned it, the others can’t object.

The party members agree that the group should buy an additional vacc suit so that everyone has one. Max keys over the cash to Taeva so that she can go shopping.

Once breakfast is over, Max heads fires up his handcomputer, logs online and starts looking for potential buyers for the cargo.

Arvor heads back to meet with his contacts, keen to get mercenary accreditation for the group in order that they are able to purchase additional military grade hardware and ammunition. The others also spend their time online browsing for purchases once their salaries come through, or else continuing with their training.

Everyone meets up again for dinner that evening. Max is looking weary.

“Looks like it’s gonna take longer than what I thought to move the gear,” he reports. “Everyone is offering me rubbish prices for ‘em. You’ll ‘ave to bear with me a while. I’ll get there eventually. I jus’ need a little more time.”

The group spends a while longer at the bar, then head for their rooms.


So Arvor immediately keys over the cash to Grisst, with a “thanks, and a pleasure doing business with you – till we speak again” note on the transfer.


William asks Max for the details of the transaction—not to check on him, more to learn a bit about merchanting.


No problems Max. If you want to talk about it, I would appreciate hearing your professional run down of the ins and outs of the deals. The subject fascinates me, and I am sure your views would be higly educational. Perhaps Will and I can join you for a beer and a lesson in economics!