Mustered Out on Mertactor


Return to Collace

It’s noon when the Forine Rover emerges from hyperspace in the Collace system. A little over six hours later and William is maneuvering the ship into position at the dock which has been assigned to it.

Everyone is glad to be back finally, the highport most inviting compared to the miserable existence at Pavabid Down. After saying farewell to the crew of the Forine Rover, most of the party members head off to find a hotel to base themselves in until they know where they will be going next. Grisst has long since departed Collace and so the party members will be paying out of their own pockets. They therefore decide to base themselves at a more modestly priced hotel than the Celestial Chariot.

Arvor and Max have business to take care of, however. Arvor gathers everyone’s helmet holorecorders and heads off for a debriefing with his contacts, who will also be taking care of all of the captives occupying the low berths of the Rover.

Max arranges for the delivery of the grain which the ship hauled from Pavabid and also warehousing for the alloys and basil until he can find a buyer.

The party members meet up for dinner at the Collace Orbit hotel that they have booked into and proceed to make up for lost drinking time now that there are limitless quantities of alcohol available once again.


Please can anyone let me know if you have any intentions while you are on Collace for the next few days?


Should we apply for Mercenary acreditation? (See comment posting under purchases).


William is wanted to purchase a few things. List coming up later.


Arvor will put in the request for Mercenary accreditation – unless it will cost a lot (more than CR 1000) of money.