Mustered Out on Mertactor


In Jump on The Gambit

With the exception of Max, who spends his time in jump abusing the supply of free alcohol and flirting with every female crew member and passenger on the ship, the party members are diligent in their task of ensuring that no harm might come to Jannar’s cargo, speaking with each member of the crew and checking as often as they are allowed that no one has entered the cargo bay.

Otto Hureelee stands out as being different from the other crew members, partly because he is from Collace whereas the others are all from Mertactor, but also because he is a bit of a loner, having little to do with the other crew members. The party members discover that he is not so keen on the idea of Collace joining the Imperium – somewhat strange considering the fact that the Vindaar’s Gambit is strengthening the relationship between Collace and the Imperium through trade.

Max speaks to everyone including the merchant Alamen Grist. Despite his constant clowning around, overhearing Max talk economics with Grist makes the others realize that he is not a complete clown after all – he seems to know quite a lot about interstellar trade. Max lets slip during one conversation the fact that he is associated with Jannar Djim. Grisst is not at all impressed with this at all, commenting that Djim is nothing but a fool who has just gotten lucky to date and ha really no idea of how to build a successful merchant company.

The other high class passenger, Mikeska Ongilii has little to do with the party members, considering them all as little more than uncivilized barbarians.

After five days onboard, even the exquisite food and incessant alcohol can’t stop the party members from getting bored on the trip and they start looking forward to when the ship will be docking and the journey finally over.



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