Weiss Library Data

Name: Weiss
Affiliation: Third Imperium ( Im )
UPP: A626464-B
Starport class A, Excellent quality installation. Refined fuel available. Annual maintenance overhaul available. Shipyard capable of constructing starships and non-starships present.
Medium sized world. Surface gravity of .84 G. World diameter is 5780 miles (9300 km).
Very thin, tainted atmosphere. Combination mask needed.
60 percent water (ice fields). Cloud cover is 20 percent.
72,000 inhabitants.
Captive Government. Leased by Spinward Development Corporation.
Law Level 4: Light assault weapons (sub-machine guns) prohibited.
Tech Level B: Average Imperial tech level.
Trade Classifications: Non-Industrial.


Weiss was originally settled by dissidents from Sacnoth in the Sword Worlds following the Third Frontier War in 990. Containing a rather inhospitable atmosphere, the Weiss colony was left alone but grew quite rapidly, trading minerals with other items from Sacnoth. The main export from the colony has always been high quality crystals that are valued for their optical properties and are widely used in lasers.

This situation lasted until the outbreak of the Fourth Frontier War in 1082. Fearing that Weiss would become a staging area for the Outworld Coalition, the world was occupied by Imperial Forces. Although Weiss never played any part in the War, being of little strategic value to either side, the Imperium feared that the world could be more heavily militarized in future and so it remained too much of a threat to the stability of Glisten subsector. As a result, the Imperium demanded that Weiss was ceded by the Sword Worlds to them as part of the armistice. Therefore, Weiss became part of the Imperium on 017-1085.

The Imperial Colonial Office invited tenders for the colonization of the world, which was won by the Spinward Development Corporation, who assumed control of the world in 1088.

Spinward Development Corporation has invested a great deal into the colony, most notable of which is the construction of a new highport, which had its soft launch in mid-1106. The official opening of the highport is planned for early 1107.

Imperial colonists started arriving in Weiss in 1092, mostly construction workers and miners. The current ethnic mix on Weiss is roughly 55,000 Sword Worlders and 17,000 Imperials.

Ethnic Tensions

Being proud people, the original Sword Worlder colonists of Weiss were absolutely furious at having no say in their fate and being annexed by the Imperium. The sale of the world to Spinward Development Corporation, a commercial organization whose primary motivation is creating profits, only made matters worse. The colony has been constantly blighted by rebellion and terrorism from the Sword Worlders, who wish to see the world being returned to the Sword Worlds for administration purposes.

These ethnic tensions have been getting worse over the years. In 1104, the SDC brought in a new CEO for Weiss, Karl Harrison, who implemented a new hardline ‘tough on terror, tough on the causes of terror’ policy through his Director of Security, Pietro Grissom. This has been criticized by many humanitarian organizations for its extreme brutality. The organizations claim that this hardline policy has only achieved even greater brutality from the rebels in retaliation and has just made matters worse, but this is denied by the SDC. They do admit though that the terrorists’ activities have led to severe delays in the second hab on Weiss, named New Eden which was planned to be a hab purely for Imperials, leaving the Sword Worlders to their original hab, called Schwarzstadt. Schwarzstadt, originally built for a maximum of 50,000 inhabitants, is now severely overcrowded and occupied by both Sword Worlders and Imperials, which just adds to the tension on the world.

Due to this situation, the Traveller’s Advisory Service have awarded Weiss an Amber Zone status. The original C-class downport on Weiss, Schwarzhaven, is now reserved for SDC business and the shuttles that link the hab with the highport. Travellers are advised to stay only on the highport and avoid Schwarzstadt except for essential business activities.

Travellers are advised to take extreme caution around 017 of each year as this is when SDC celebrates the date when Weiss became part of the Imperium as, in all previous years, this period has always seen an upsurge in terrorist activity.

Weiss Library Data

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