Vindaar's Gambit Roster


Captain Alvernon Olicie
Alvernon Olicie is of Mertactan descent, of a respected and long-lived family of merchants and traders. He is the third member of his family to serve on the Vindaar’s Gambit and is only a few months from retirement. He has been quite happy making the Collace run for all these years and is proud of his service and his record as a ship’s captain. He has two children, both of whom are serving in the Imperial Navy. His wife died several years ago and when he retires he plans on building a cabin in the hilly forests outside of Mertactor’s capitol and planting the flower garden she always wanted.

Chief Steward Galeana Avalar
Pretty, thoughtful and proud, Galeana Avalar is a near-perfect Steward. While demanding of her staff and fellow crew, her drive is based on a real desire to see her ship’s passengers have the most enjoyable voyage possible. Her entire family lives and works on Mertactor proper; she leaves many duties to her 2nd Steward when the Gambit calls at its home port so she can visit with them as much as possible before her next journey. She is engaged to a chef on Mertactor, who provides her with excellent victuals for the high passengers on Vindaar’s Gambit.

2nd Steward Otto Hureelee
The only crewmember on Vindaar’s Gambit who is not Mertactan, Otto is a native of Collace from a family of low-income maintenance workers. Due to the fact that he is not a Mertactan, Otto does not get on so well with his colleagues and is a bit of a loner. He performs his job adequately, but has a short temper and is often irritable.

3rd Steward Neenah Tromt
Being the only daughter in a family with three boys, Neenah pushes herself extra hard in order to be “taken seriously” by men; she still carries a bit of a chip on her shoulder from all the teasing her brothers gave her growing up. She is developing a bit of a crush on Otto although she knows romances among ship crews rarely work out well.

Chief Pilot Gavlan Harlo
Imagining himself an adventurous hotshot, Gavlan Harlo exhibits the worst behaviour of both arrogant starship pilots and Mertactan pride. No one on the ship can really stand him but he has the Captain’s ear so he is tolerated as best as can be.

2nd Pilot Evendas Arliin
Light-hearted and easy-going with a self-deprecating sense of humour, Evendas is loved by all; his personality is very un-Mertactan and yet his native brethren would walk through fire for him – except perhaps his immediate boss, Gavlan Harlo, who often gives Evendas ridiculous chores such as polishing the pilot’s control couch or oiling the manual controls of the Vinny.

Navigator Trevor Dantine
A decent enough individual, Trevor is a musician of some small renown on Mertactor; when off-duty he will keep mainly to his stateroom practising his electric flute; if asked, he can talk for several hours about the musical history of Mertactor and his family without once allowing the listener to speak.

Purser Helmut Geldaun
Purser Geldaun is the perfect stereotype: nebbish, pennypinching bean counter. Captain Olicie hand-picked this man to keep the books on the Gambit because he knew this person would never be influenced by anything as base as greed; Helmut lives for the purity of mathematics and a holo-vid in the evening.

Medic Agar Starrett
After several years of service in the medical facility of Mertactor Highport, Agar decided to finally strike out into the void and see some other worlds. He is the newest crewmember of the Gambit and is still feeling his way around shipboard life.

Engineer Jonno Giles
Jonno Giles comes from a long line of Mertactan starship engineers and takes his job very seriously, almost to a fault. A somewhat sombre man, he finds solace in long games of holochess.

Drive Hand Clariss Vigna
Clariss is a cute, greasy-faced drive monkey and a good foil to her boss, Engineer Giles. She likes to get some gambling going in the evenings in the crew lounge despite the fact she loses more than she wins.

Gunner Tivas Lingula
After a short stint in the Imperial Navy, Tivas left the rigid military life for the steady, easy-going pace of the Gambit. His traditional Mertactan family is not pleased with his choice.


Alamen Grisst
Alamen Grisst is a wealthy corporate businessman from Mille Falcs. His work for his small trading company, Grisst Enterprises, has done much over the years to solidify trading across the border into District 268. He is a frequent visitor to Glisten and moves in high social circles throughout the region.

Grisst is doing everything he can to ingratiate himself with any Imperial nobility possible. He never married, thinking he might find a young Noble heiress to woo; he has never captained his own ships (he currently runs three free traders and some small craft) as he sees that as a commoner’s approach to living. His work seems to be paying off: not long ago noble friends on Glisten succeeded in having him named to the honours list, and hinted that he would soon be elevated to knighthood.

Grisst fancies himself a romantic and dashing figure; he loves to gamble though he is not especially good at it and he often drinks a bit too much when he is winning.

Ana Pyriem
Ana is a pretty, well-dressed executive assistant of the highest calibre. She expects to become an integral part of Grisst Enterprises, perhaps even running the company, when Grisst accepts his Knighthood and most likely moves to Glisten to join the nobility there. She is from Mille Falcs and says she has no time for personal attachments but she does seem a bit lonely on occasion.

Mikeska Ongilii
Mikeska Ongilii is a socialite from Egypt in Glisten subsector, a successful attorney who was able to marry into a rich expatriate family from Collace and thus retire from the working life. While her husband attempts to make inroads at Glisten, she is taking advantage of his long Collacean heritage by marrying her daughter into the family of a high-ranking representative of the People Of Collace with whom her husband had many dealings in the past. Ongilii is somewhat severe, but approachable and a bit of a gossip.

Elleena Erior
Elleena is a young Egyptian who was working her way through medical school when she met Mikeska Ongilii at a fundraiser. Being sympathetic to the young lady’s struggle, Ongilii offered to hire her as a personal nurse during her pregnancy and for a short time after, in order for young Erior to save money to complete her education. Erior accepted and is quite happy with the arrangement; in fact she is wondering how she might stay on with Ongilii after her child is born.

14 x Mid-Passengers

Vindaar's Gambit Roster

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