Talchek Library Data

Name: Talchek
Affiliation: Client States ( Cs )
UPP: C7B1462-5
Starport: Class C, Routine quality installation. Only unrefined fuel available. Reasonable repair facilities present.
Medium sized world. Surface gravity of .875 G. World diameter is 7054 miles (11350 km).
Corrosive flourine atmosphere. Vacc suit or protective suit needed.
10 percent hydroflouric acid. Cloud cover is 40 percent. Mild climate
67,500 inhabitants.
Captive Government. Government by a leadership answerable to an outside group; a colony or conqured area.
Law Level 2: Portable energy weapons (laser carbine, laser rifle) prohibited. Ship’s gunnery not affected.
Tech Level 5: 1917.
Trade Classifications: Non-Industrial, Fluid Oceans

History of Talchek

Talchek was a mining colony originally formed by a joint-venture between Forine and Biter. The colony was not well supported (given the tensions arising from the various frontier wars) and failed to find significant deposits of minerals required to support the colony. After the Fourth Frontier War, Biter sold its shares in the mining colony to the military government of Forine and shipped its colonists back home.

Forine managed to re-sell some of these shares to other worlds in District 268 including Dallia, Milagro, Elixabeth, Tarkine and Noctocol. Most of these worlds looked at it as a means of expansion, prestige and economic growth and sent honest miners and colonists. In Forine’s case, they had dumped some 60,000 dissidents and other criminals out of their prisons as their ‘colonists’. Forine’s site was little more than an ill-disguised offworld gulag of guards and prisoners.

There were original landings at two major sites and quickly thereafter two underground habitats, ‘Drop-Well Downs’ (Biter’s site), and 50km away to the North on the same plateau, ‘Falls Downs’ (Forine’s site). The Republics of Dallia and Noctocol Miner-colonists took over Drop-Down Wells after Biter left and populated the city with 25,000 colonists each. They also improved the existing E-class port to an underground D-class port between 1090 and 1095.

In 1090, The Elixabeth colonist’s settlement, named ‘Deepside-Downs’ site was settled in a narrow dry valley some 100km west of Drop-well Downs, and Milagro’s colonists chose a site 40km to the East on the backside of the plateau sheltered from storms off the Talchek Sea, naming it ’Backer’s Downs’. These latter two settlements were connected to ‘Drop-Well Downs’ by a single tunnel and railway line each.

Mining however, is expensive in men and equipment, and the hostile environment of Talchek was merciless to both. A major Life Support system failure in 1094 at Drop-Well and Falls Downs earned them the new names ‘Drop-Dead Downs’ and ‘Fell Downs’ when 65,000 lives were lost, decimating over half of the Noctocol and Dallian colonists, and two-thirds of the Forinians as well. It was never clearly discovered if it was sabotage or neglect.

The costs in shipping, and lives and material to support the mines there thus became a losing proposition in short order to these worlds. Milagro sold their site to NWC first, abandoning their habitat, sulfur mine, E-class Downport and its TL7 fission powerplant in 1095; they also left the TTC sphere of worlds to become an Imperial Client State.

Elixabeth followed suit, six months later, leaving their habitat, E-class Downport, and TL8 fission powerplant there as well. Both of these worlds secured deals for the relocation of their worker-colonists as part of the buy-out. The NWC immediately brought in its TL-11 colonist miners and robot labor force hired from Tirem, about 9,000 miners all totaled, divided more or less equally at each location.

Then the ever cash-strapped dictatorship of Forine sold off ‘Fell Downs’ as well in early 1096, but left their surviving former prisoner-colonists there. Dallia’s Civil Service Bureaucracy and Noctocol’s ineffective multiparty Representative Democracy quietly cashed in as well, deciding that cutting their losses and abandoning the joint effort on Talchek was their best course of action. They left covering their losses to their shareholders, and privately hoped that, as Talchek was now an Imperial Client state, their miner-colonists would have better luck and lives.

Publicly in District 268, it is known that Talchek’s Multi-world Corporate-style government “sold out” to the McClellan Factors subsidiary, New Worlds Corporation. Dallia, Forine, and Noctocol’s governments each blamed their company heads for poor management, the loss of lives, and running the joint venture into the ground, all the while holding themselves blameless. On Forine, these Corporate Officers were given a fancy show trial, and summarily executed; on Dallia and Noctocol, they were forced to flee into exile or were imprisoned for embezzlement.

The New Worlds Corporation is a publicly traded, share-held subsidiary of New Worlds Mining, LLC, itself a subsidiary of McClellan Factors, LIC. Due to ‘civil unrest’ from strikes, murders, and acts of sabotage, NWC is now backed by a crack battalion of TL-11 equipped Imperial mercenaries out of Tirem/Glisten. These forces are acclimated to Hazardous Atmosphere Type B (Corrosive), and are no strangers to combat in such environments. The Imperial Miner-colonists of the NWC mainly come from Glisten and Tirem and they number just over 9,000 sophonts. There are roughly 35,000 former citizens of Forine, 12-13,000 Dallian dual-citizens, and 15,000 of Noctocol’s former citizens remaining on Talchek.

System Details

Talchek is a dry world with a corrosive ammonia sulfuric chloride atmosphere that resides in the 3rd orbit around an orange K8 V and a red M5 V near companion. There are four other rocky bodies occupying the 6th through the 9th orbits, and the lone turbulent gas giant Talos, occupies the far 10th orbit. Orbits 2, 4, and 5 are empty.

Talchek is tidally locked, having both an eternal ‘bright face’ and ‘darkside’. According to the 1102 Grand Survey, it is utterly devoid of any native living organisms. The planet resides just outside the habitable zone. There is one large fluid body on the surface, an equatorial ‘sea’ of mixed ammonia and chlorine, dominating ten percent of the total planet, and twice that of the ‘bright face’ side. Mineral surveys revealed vast quantities of sulfur, many of which the planet’s volcanic upheavals in its past have left exposed amidst deserts of black basalt and steppes of gray sandy ash.

IISS Grand Survey data shows the planet has a magma core, and boasts 0.875 Gravity. Ammonia, Chlorine, and Sulfur are the major chemical and mineral exports of this Non-Industrial world.

There are four settlements planetside remaining of the original five (Falls/Fell-Downs has been abandoned since 1097 for life-support safety reasons). The law level 2 rating applies only to the main starport, and the two smaller settlements that NWC took over in 1095. In the major settlement subterranean arcology outside the main Starport of Drop-Dead-Downs, Law level is 7 (total firearms ban, bladed weapons only) is in effect.

A local insurgency calls itself the Worker’s Liberation Front (WLF). They are conducting random acts of sabotage, and ambushes against the NWC and their mercenaries in a mid-level intensity campaign.

• Drop-Dead Downs, C-class Downport; Population-4 (8,500 Imperial citizens); Government 1
(Corporate); Law Level-2; TL-11.

• ‘The Warrens’, Population-4 (30,000 Forinians, 12,300 Dallians, and 12,700 Noctocolites); Government-6 (Captive/ Colony); Law Level-7; TL5.

• Deepside-Downs, D-class Downport; Population-3 (1,000 Imperial citizens); Government-6 (Captive/ Colony); Law Level-2; TL-11.

• Backside-Downs, D-class Downport, Population-3 (1,000 Imperial citizens); Government-6 (Captive/ Colony); Law Level-2; TL-11.

Talchek Library Data

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