Mithras Library Data

Name: Mithras
Affiliation: Third Imperium ( Im )
UPP: C8B5546-6
Starport class C, Routine quality installation. Only unrefined fuel available. Reasonable repair facilities present.
Medium sized world. Surface gravity 1 G. World diameter is 8328 miles (13400 km).
Corrosive atmosphere (high oxygen partial pressure)
52 percent liquid. Cloud cover is 70 percent.
900,000 inhabitants.
Representative Democracy. Government by elected representatives.
Law Level 6: Most firearms (all except shotguns) prohibited. The carrying of any type of weapon openly is discouraged.
Tech Level 6: circa 1955.
Trade Classifications: Non-Industrial. Fluid Oceans


(Scale: Each triangle = 7000km)

Mithras would be a totally forgettable planet were it not for one thing – and that is that the vast majority of the planet is set as an Imperial Prison, which is run by Sternmetal Horizons.

Circle City is the only part of the planet which is not leased by Sternmetal Horizons and is not part of the penal colony. This 450×200km area is separated from the rest of the continent by two narrow isthmuses which are heavily fortified to ensure that the city’s population of 400,000 is kept completely apart from the prisoners’ areas.


Due to the high oxygen content and corrosive elements, filter/respirator combos must be used at all times outside buildings. Contact to the atmosphere is non-harmful for short periods of time if washed off. Exposure for more than 24 hours will lead to burning, however, with death occurring with exposure of 48-72 hours.

All of the seas on Mithras are highly corrosive and death will occur inside several minutes for anyone who falls in.


Sternmetal Horizons operates a small highport above Mithras which is for their own private use. Their main administration offices are here, as are their space security forces which consist of four SDBs and several squadrons of light fighters.

Commercial traders use the downport which is attached to Circle City. There are no restrictions for landing here, although all incoming and outgoing flights will be checked carefully by security forces and all flights have to follow a tightly controlled flight path over the seas to avoid passing over land.

Circle City

Visitors to Circle City are allowed free run of the area, which is not especially restrictive apart from the fact that air/rafts, aircraft and helicopters are all banned. Most of the transport on Mithras is by tracked ATV which are pressurized and treated to avoid corrosion. The only industry in Circle City is trans-shipment of the ores which are mined on the planet.

Prison Areas

Outside Circle City, the entire world is leased by Sternmetal Horizons who use prisoners to mine the ore deposits concentrated on the planet. The prisons vary in size from a few hundreds to tens of thousands of prisoners. Up until recently, the prisons run on Mithras have had a relatively good reputation compared to other Imperial Prisons. Due to the hostile conditions on Mithras, the planet is thought to be escape proof.

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Mithras Library Data

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