Grote Library Data

Name: Grote
Affiliation: Third Imperium ( Im )
UPP: A400404-B
Starport class: A, Excellent quality installation. Refined fuel available. Annual maintenance overhaul available. Shipyard capable of constructing starships and non-starships present.
Small world. Surface gravity of .5 G. World diameter is 4034 miles (6490 km).
No atmosphere. Vacc suit needed. Cold climate.
No free standing water.
3,100 inhabitants.
No government structure. Family bonds predominate (clans).
Law Level 4: Light assault weapons (sub-machine guns) prohibited.
Tech Level B: Average Imperial tech level.
Trade Classifications: Non-Industrial. Vacuum World.

The planet of Grote is a moon of a small gas giant in the system. With no mineral resources of note, it is of little consequence.

The only habitation in the system is the highport orbiting the moon, which is home to the system’s entire population of 3,100 inhabitants.

This highport is the main base for the clans who are known throughout the region as the ‘space gypsies’ or sometimes just ‘Groteans’.

The cone-shaped 300-ton traders of the Groteans are built at the shipyards of Grote are a common site at D and E starports throughout the Spinward Marches and adjacent sectors. Most of these traders are crewed by families and they specialize in visiting worlds off the beaten track which neither the larger lines nor even tramp freighters with mortgages to pay are able to make profitable. These space nomads follow the same routes that their grandfathers did and each circuit can take several years to complete.

Grote is the main meeting point for the clans where they return for major maintenance and to sell off their most valuable trading items.

The highport is technically owned and controlled by DiGroat Holdings, LIC which is owned in turned by all of the different Grotean Clans, of which Clans Grumpus and Menzies are the largest. However, the Groteans are very independent people with a natural disdain of all authority, which is why they spend most of their lives in jump. As a result, there are few laws on Grote. If any of the younger clan members step out of line, they can expect justice to be meted out by their elders.

Groteans are generally friendly to outsiders (they rely upon them for trade) but stick together and will always take the word of another Grotean over an outsider. Although Grote has a law level of 4, meaning that few weapons are illegal, Groteans consider anyone using a weapon as a coward and a sissy. The Groteans are quick to settle grievances with their fists, but once the fight is over and honour has been settled, people tend to shake hands and go for a drink together.

The week or two that the Grotean families spend at the highport undertaking repairs is usually the only time that they get to meet other members of the clan and their friends. As a result, there is a nonstop party atmosphere on Grote as the Groteans let their hair down before departing on their next, long trading journey.

The Groteans are very wily traders and deal in any type of goods that they can get, so most types of goods are available for sale – many of which are not entirely legal.

Grote Library Data

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