Elixabeth Library Data

Name: Elixabeth
Affiliation: Client States ( Cs )
UPP: B426467-8
Starport class B, Good quality installation. Refined fuel available. Annual maintenance overhaul available. Shipyard capable of constructing non-starships present.
Small world. Surface gravity of 0.3 G. World diameter is 4474 miles (7199 km).
Very thin, tainted atmosphere. Combination mask needed.
61 percent water. Cloud cover is 20 percent. Cold temperature.
22,000 inhabitants.
Captive Government. Government by a leadership answerable to an outside group; a colony or conqured area (Forine).
Law Level 7: Shotguns are prohibited.
Tech Level 8: circa 1986.
Trade Classifications: Non-Industrial.

With its low gravity (0.3G), thin, tainted atmosphere, and cool climate (average surface temperature -2°C) Elixabeth is hardly a Terran-Prime world. Yet, with its wide-open spaces, wave-tossed seas, and extensive native flora and fauna, it looked like a virtual paradise to the colonists from lifeless, overcrowded and perpetually icebound Forine who arrived in 975. The colonization effort was backed by the government of Forinean dictator, Chorni Norep, who had come to power just two standard years before. She saw it as an opportunity both to develop Elixabeth as a source of raw materials for homeworld industries and to rid herself of political opponents who were too prominent to simply “disappear” en masse. Thus, many of the roughly 2,000 colonists who settled on Elixabeth were political and religious dissidents, and the same was true of the Forinean colony that was simultaneously being established on Talchek.

In theory, the Elixabethan colonists recognized the titular authority of the government ‘back home’, but in practice were determined to assert as much independence as possible. The Forinean government, glad to be rid of these ‘troublemakers’, pretty much left them alone for 15 standard years. However, in 989, Norep announced plans to relocate Forine’s surplus population to Elixabeth. The Elixabethan colonists, horrified that their ‘Eden’ was going to become a dumping ground for millions of impoverished immigrants, rallied together in opposition. All of the colonists working on a Forinean government project to upgrade Elixabeth’s starport (then an E-class facility) walked off the job. When Norep sent Forinean troops to Elixabeth, the colonists responded with a campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience that frustrated efforts to resume starport construction – a key element in Norep’s ‘relocation’ plans. Furthermore, the events on Elixabeth inspired similar acts of protest and resistance by the colonists on Talchek.

Worse yet, from Norep’s point of view, open defiance to her policies in the colonies was threatening to undermine her authority on Forine itself. Therefore, she authorized the commanders on Elixabeth and Talchek to use deadly force to break up protests and force the colonists back to work. This led to considerable bloodshed as several hundred colonists were killed. Open resistance was broken, but the colonists in both systems continued to oppose Forinean rule by means of sabotage and low-intensity guerrilla warfare. Mass arrests by the Forinean military created an absurd situation where nearly half the adult colonist population on Elixabeth was imprisoned in military stockades (given the small population, no proper prison had ever been built on the planet).

Their feisty and – at least initially – non-violent resistance to Norep’s oppressive rule had made the Elixabethan colonists a cause célèbre throughout many Imperial systems in the Spinward Marches. As inmates in the hastily-constructed and unsanitary Forinean military stockades began to fall ill and die in substantial numbers, calls for Imperial intervention began to be heard. The Imperial authorities, who had been antagonized by Norep’s pro-Sword Worlds rhetoric and policies, saw the situation as a welcome opportunity to clip her wings. Therefore, in mid-990, they threatened to intervene ‘for humanitarian reasons’ if the Forinean government did not begin negotiating with the rebels under Imperial arbitration.

The peace agreement signed several months later required major concessions by both sides. The settlers on Elixabeth and Talchek had to abandon their aspirations for independence, since both systems were to remain Forinean colonies under the rule of governors appointed by the homeworld. Norep, for her part, had to grant the colonists autonomy in a broad range of ‘internal’ policy arenas (including immigration) while retaining total control over ‘external’ matters such as defense, and extrastellar relations and trade.

Furthermore, the two colonial worlds were given representation in a newly-created ‘Forine Assembly’ that was proportionally much greater than their relative populations in comparison to that of Forine itself. Finally, in order to ensure that all parties abided by the terms of the agreement, Talchek and Elixabeth both became client states of the Imperium and an Imperial naval base was established in the latter system.

Elixabeth is served by Eos Highport which was started at the end of the Fourth Frontier War and completed in 1100 and was heavily subsidized by the Imperium. Although the small population of Elixabeth does not really justify such a large highport, the Imperium required a port with the ability to make repairs to Naval ships in this section of District 268 to repair patrol ships. The IINS have occupy a small part of the highport and all other Imperial offices on Elixabeth are based here.

Elixabeth Library Data

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