Dallia Library Data

Name: Dallia
Affiliation: Client States ( Cs )
UPP: B8B5883-9
Starport: class B, Good quality installation. Refined fuel available. Annual maintenance overhaul available. Shipyard capable of constructing non-starships present.
Medium sized world. Surface gravity 1 G. World diameter is 7462 miles (12006 km).
Corrosive atmosphere. Vacc suit or protective suit needed.
49% water. Cloud cover is 70 percent. Temperature is normal
Population: 620 million
Civil Service Bureaucracy. Government by agencies employing individuals selected for their expertise.
Law Level 3: Weapons of a strict military nature (machine guns, automatic rifles) prohibited.
Tech Level 9: 2008
Trade Classifications: Fluid Oceans


Almost the entire population of Dallia lives in an underground city built long ago by beings unknown. The facility has been studied by Ancients experts, who claim that the technology is different from that typically used by the Ancients. The citizens are more or less self sufficient, and quiIe capable of maintaining their life-support and water-extraction equipment.

The profits to be made from harvesting chemicals from Dallia’s rather nasty surface have prompted more than a small fraction of the popula­tion to form corporations, build equipment and start reap­ing the weird wealth of their world. These companies are small and entrepreneurial in nature. Competition can occasionally become violent.

On a planet where a weak gas seal can mean death for thousands, the population is obsessive about safety, but otherwise has a very free and easy society.

In the ongoing cold war that is constantly developing within District 268, Dallia’s government is pro-Imperium and pro-Collace. A significant minority in the world is actively working against the Imperium, however, and is supported by the TTC.


Due to Dallia’s corrosive atmosphere, it is not safe for ships to land on the surface of the planet. Therefore, all ships to Dallia dock at the Heaven’s Gate highport. Dallia’s High Port is a huge rotating geosynchronous orbital habitat of two vast torus rings and a four mile long rotating cylindrical central hub, a virtual city in and of itself with a population of 8 million.

Dallia Library Data

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