Aki Library Data

Name: Aki
Affiliation: Third Imperium ( Im )
UPP: B443987-9

Starport class B, Good quality installation. Refined fuel available. Annual maintenance overhaul available. Shipyard capable of constructing non-starships present.
Small world. Surface gravity of .5 G. World diameter is 4009 miles (6450 km).
Thin, tainted atmosphere. Filter mask needed.
34 percent water. Cloud cover is 10 percent. Chilly atmosphere.
2.27 billion inhabitants.
Civil Service Bureaucracy. Government by agencies employing individuals selected for their expertise.
Law Level 7: All firearms including shotguns are prohibited. Only bladed weapons are legal.
Tech Level 9: 2012.
Trade Classifications: High-Population, Poor, Non-Industrial


Originally settled in -138 by the crew and passengers of the misjumped Gramish passenger liner Rolf Krake, and named after the sword of the Vilani warrior-king Golosh. The castaways lost most of their technology but survived and grew to a population of roughly 60,000 by 56, when they were found by the Imperial scout cruiser Giirkha Girgi and placed under administrative interdict.

From 98 onwards the interdict was routinely ignored by Bellion. A full interdict was imposed by Artemsus in 111 and sporadically enforced by the Navy, but by the end of the 2nd Century, Aki’s societies had become so advanced that there remained little point to the interdict and it was mostly ignored. From 200 onwards, immigrants from the Imperium settled there and mingled with the indigenous population, many of whom were followers of the Arborist religion, which lead to it becoming the dominant religion on the world within the next 250 years. In 216, the interdict was replaced by an Imperial edict imposing technological import restrictions, and a small Class E starport was constructed.

In 392, Aki joined the Imperium along with Callia, Glisten, New Rome, and Overnale.

Aki Today

The inhabitants of Aki are concentrated in five very large cities. Each of the great cities is different – one situated in a vast artificial cavern, one on the bed of the only ocean, and so on. Telmat is the world’s capital and the largest city, having a population of around 800 million. All of the cities are ruled by civil service bureaucrats known for their remarkable lack of corruption.

Food and water are rationed on Aki, as is living space. This mass of humanity packed into several small containers leads to internal tension, and the world is designated an Amber
Zone accordingly.

Offworlders find the planet uncomfortable due to the large population and because of the hostile attitude of Aborites to non-members. This changes rapidly if one converts. Most cities have large slum areas, and much of the population subsists on church or government doles. Most imports, with the exception of foodstuffs, are subject to a 10% import duty. All normal starship servicing fees are doubled, due to a government effort to collect Imperial currency to facilitate offworld activities.

First Impressions

Housing density is fairly high in most cities, cleanliness is fairly low. General clothing design is loose, colors favored being black, gray, brown, and subdued reds and greens. Certain groups of rebellious youth dress in tight fitting clothing in bright colors (blue, purple, red), and wear their hair very short.

Cuisine is generally vegetarian due to the scarcity of arable land and ethical inclination. Urban windowbox miniature herb gardens are a common sight. Privately owned vehicles in cities are small and scarce. Large trucks are common for cross country travel. Mass transit systems are available in most cities, but are often run down.

Aki Library Data

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