Yawara Bo

weapon (melee)

A small cylindrical stick about 5.5 inches long, and 12-15mm in diameter, made of wood, metal or polycarbonate. Taeva owns a variety of these and usually carries a couple, and has others strategically hidden in toolkits and other items of equipment.

The Bo is held in the hand, the most common grip being in a fist with the ends of the bo sticking out at either side of the hand. In this mode the weapon is essentially used as a knuckleduster using hammer or backfist strikes. The bo can also be manipulated to jab at vital areas, to pinch nerves and pressure points or to apply pain in specific areas, often in conjunction with grappling techniques.

Use of the weapon originates with ancient Solomani Martial Arts, but its use has permeated into many more modern systems, including military hand to hand and police combat styles.

Yawara Bo

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