Will's KPITA suit

It looks like a sweater vest, only better (and with Protection 15)


TL14 advanced boarding vacc suit with the following goodies:

Personalized (sweater vest motif); included eye protection and magnetic boots; tactical video suite so people that know what they’re doing can tell Will what to do; environment reader so Will doesn’t accidentally take his helmet off in his excitement at a new world; computer weave (computer/2) so Will can load his medic and other programs to better support his shipmates; extended life support so Will can leisurely explore strange new worlds; medikit so Will doesn’t perish when strange new lifeforms bite him; friend/foe HUD so Will doesn’t accidentally shoot his friends; Personal HUD so Will has access to his calendar, messages, and social media; sealant sheath so Will’s extended life support pack isn’t wasted; long-range thrust pack so Will can get back from strange new worlds or escape strange new lifeforms intent on testing his sealant sheath and using up his medikit; and a vacc suit emergency kit in the vain hope that his friends didn’t deliberately leave him behind.

Fortunately, with all the goodies he can strip from his existing piece-of-crap TL12 suit, Will only pays Cr51,060 for this baby!

KPITA: kick pirates in the ass!


Will's KPITA suit

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