Trexalon Majors' insignia

Jie wears this military ranking symbol


Jie was not always a cold hearted killer. Once she loved a man with all her being from the time she was taken off her home planet as a young girl by him to the time she lead an assassin strike squad to kill him. From his bullet riddled corpse that she rocked slowly in her blood stained arms she took a Trexalon Majors’ insignia as a reminder that love can sometimes bare bitter fruit.


It was on the paradisiacal water planet called Patagon that Jie, only 18 at the time, meet a captain of the Imperial Marines, James Ossgoode who swept her off her feet (and into his bed). He then convinced her to use her strength and speed to better herself in the Mille Falcs Marine contingent. She joined up and left her birth world. She excelled at the corps and was reassigned to James’s platoon. Jies youthful love and admiration blinded her to the mans’ many faults…

“Sit your asses down,” Commanded Captain James Ossgoode “here’s the sit-rep.”

The now constant bucking of the Fast Corsair Wayfarer ensured that everyone was sitting and holding on to the bulkhead grips with both hands. Tarkine’s Gravity was less then usual, but the thrashing of fast orbital entry ensured everyone will come away with bruses, or worse. Lance Corporal Okasawa tounged the servo control of her helmet so it would turn around and view the other 5 Imperial Marines in the launch bay. Everyone here was in Battle Dress, albeit tarnished and worn being this far away from the Imperial border.

“Things on dirt-side have gone to shit. Two hours ago the rebel insurgents did a surprise 2-prong attack. First was at a little known planetary defense plasma cannon site left over from the Ag-World days. They seized control and began taking pot shots at all stellar and air craft in their firing vector. The power source was immediately cut, but that bitch still got enough battery juice to take out most civilian craft in the area. That’s why we’re here.” Almost as if on command the Wayfarer was bathed in purple-ish fire. Crackles of electricity leapt from wall to wall as everyone’s rad counters went into deep red territory. Although she did not show any outward emotion, Jie was frightened to the core. She concentrated on the words James was saying, his slow and purposeful voice soothed her with the knowledge that he would protect her.

“Pilot!!! Avoid those farkin’ air pockets will ya?!?!” The Captain yelled jokingly then continued as if nothing had happened. “The Cannon is near Delis and the locals are already mopping things up down there. We’re headed to the..” Another blast of superheated plasma rips against the hull as the ships steady engine vibration changes in tempo and every once in a while cuts out with a shuddering sound. “…second site near a government owned plantation on the banks of the Bronda River. With no air support to stop them, the guerillas have had free rein to lay waste to every pro-Imperial village on this side of the planet. A small detachment of Marines were holding against a large group of the bastards at the Governors vacation estate…”


“Interrupt me again Marc, I will personally shove a K’Kree up your ass” James laughs then gets back to serious. “45 minutes ago we lost contact with the squad leader Sargent Meyers. Her platoon was under heavy fire and she stated 50 civilians, including The Governor were inside the Manor house. Our mission is to get in, rescue the Governor, give cover fire to the remaining Marine Guard and rescue as many civies as we can. WHO ARE WE???”

“Hells Brigade, Sir!!!”



“WHO…” Just then the Naval pilot did a quick 4G breaking maneuver and snapped off a landing brace. As the bay doors popped open Jie’s platoon immediately began to take fire from outside as the afternoon sun came streaming in. Bullets ricocheted all over before becoming high velocity dust. Everyone disengaged the ‘Dresses back grappler and began to charge out with their laser carbines shooting instant hot death onto the manicured lawn battle zone.

“ Pffft Bullets. Might as well be Bawap farts!!” Marc said over the personal chat comm, right before the mortar hit and sent Jie careening through the air to land in a pile of shredded metal that once was a Grav-Limo. Still yelling tactical information to her unit, Jie got up and assessed the situation. 3/4ths of the enemy lay strewn upon the wide plantation lawn dead. The defending unit was all but wiped out and the civilians had taken up the fallen guns and continued to defend themselves. The defensive line broke as Capt. J. Ossgoode ordered the people on to the ship ensuring that the near animal panic level Governor was first on and well-defended. Jie was to laydown suppressive fire at the rear when suddenly a burst of static and a weak voice burst over her Comm unit. Calling for a replacement, Jie followed the stray signal to outside the defensive zone around the ruined remains of the 6 story mansion to a rock garden in the back. Using what little stealth her basic training gave her she found an out crop of statuary and a shattered Marine with her half destroyed armor heralding her as Sargent.

From this vantage it was easy to see how the warrior used this rock as a sniper position and the amount of dead rebels and her empty weapons power core was a testament to her bravery and viciousness. Multiple mortar blast craters dotted the entire area as the laser streaks from her energy rifle undoubtedly gave her position away and rock shrapnel eventually pounded her into unconsciousness. Jie kneeled besides the ill-shaped soldier. The auditory mike on the battle dress picked up the soldier saying “Sgt. Beverly M-Meyers…Imperial Marine Guard…serial number 934-2224….” followed by soft sigh then nothing. Jie tore off her medi-kit and prepared trauma care as her commanding officer turned the corner.

“What the Hell are you doing Okasawa!!! When I say fall back I MEAN fall back!!”

“This one is alive, Sir. The barrier outcrop must have took most of the damage. I can use..”

“Fuck that shit!! Those bastards are right up our assess and we got to book, NOW !!”

Jie turns back toward the wounded woman “Between us we can haul…”

BLAM The sound of the service revolver sounded like thunder to Jie’s ears. The Sgt.’s blood splattered Jies face plate in slow motion in this worlds ½ G gravity well. James had shot the wounded Marine right through the face.

“We can what?!?! We can what, Marine?!?!?! Haul our assess outta here? HELL YES. Now get the fuck up BITCH!!!”

Her knees were sunk in beside the now very dead hero. Her hands were full of blooded healing tools which she then dropped as useless. She reached slowly for her laser carbine not exactly sure of to what purpose she will put it to use. Then the enemy’s bullets ripped across the rock as they advanced.
“I’m sorry, Jie. It’s just that I love you so much and I want to protect you. I don’t want to see you hurt.” He holstered his revolver. “We have 50 grounders to rescue and our own men to medically treat. We’ve got to go baby” James lifted her off the ground and they began running to the now closing Corsair hatch. As James began to lay the ground work for her to hack the audio file records and erase certain parts, his droning talk was ignored for the moment as Jie stopped on the ramp and took one last look back at the stone garden. She could only think of the question, who protected her?

Arvor Pan Wiksaren was lurking in the Pavabid system for the Imperial Navy when 7 laser emitted messages were bounced off a satellite to hide their source and aimed at a nearby Imperial listening post. They were low quality audio but revealed multiple meetings between Agdar Lisk, a TTC Trouble-shooter (think assassin) and an unknown member of the Imperium. The conversations were about the time and place of the Collace diplomatic team on Pavabid and how they could be maneuvered to be in the wrong spot as a fire fight broke out. They would all be killed by misguided Imperial Marines. The messages were obviously edited to disguise the 2ond man, but Arvor, with access to military records and his cunning intellect, could assume the culprit was Imperial Marine Capt. J Ossgoode, Leader of the diplomatic security force. Arvor was probably instrumental in bringing this plot to light in a timely fashion yet keeping his own identity a secret. He witnessed the trial from the shadows and one thing struck him as odd. The only person with the skills and opportunity to send those messages was the Captains’ second in command, Lance Corporal Jie Okasawa. If she had stepped forward and denounced the Capt. she could have wrote her ticket to promotion. Yet she continually defended the would-be assassin and her testimony ensured he would not be convicted. Lisk and Ossgoode never found out who sent the messages. The last time Arvor saw Jie was after the trial as Ossgoode went to embrace her in a non-military, all too familure hug. She put out her hand and stopped him dead in his tracks. Her other hand fell to the hilt of her Marine issue cutlass. With a glare as cold as space she turned away and left the Captain standing alone.

Jie believed her past to be far behind her as the merry band of trouble shooters traveled to Tarkine. The local rebels had a new leader that organized them equipped them and lead them to assault the Scout base. A bounty was put on the leaders head to be brought in alive. This man was known only as ‘The Major’. Jie was eager to get this mission done and leave this place, but she wasn’t alone. Cornelius H. Grimstead also ran from ghosts on Tarkine, for it was here that he received word 8 years ago that his soul mate, Sgt. Beverly Meyers was killed in a rebel incursion. Jie knew of Grims pain yet was too shamed to tell him the real facts of that dark day.

Trailing the attack force back to their base, the team of 7 infiltrated the rebel headquarters and tracked ‘The Major’ to an upstairs bedroom.


Jie looks as if she has seen a ghost.


Jie lets Black Betty fall to the ground.

“Stop firing!” the rebel leader calls to the other rebel close by.

The other rebel looks very confused, but lowers his weapon. He’s not the only one who’s confused – it’s obvious that Taeva also has no idea what the hell’s going on here.

“So it is you, Jie,” the rebel leader says.

“Everyone hold fire,” he says, calling into his radio. Jie runs over to him and the pair of them embrace.

Taeva is far from happy with this development. “Fuck this, Jie. Where’s the Big Man? He can’t get away!”

James is ignoring Taeva as he holds Jie in a tight embrace. “You’re injured,” he says, caressing her hair. “You really should just knock on the door next time you pay me a visit. I had no idea who it was attacking us.”

“James,” Jie says hurriedly. “We have come to bring this rebel … the Major … to justice. You can …” Jie’s eyes fall upon the insignia on James’ shoulder. Unwilling to face the truth of the situation she continues…
“The rebels used Trexalon technology to attack the starport,” Jie adds. “We tracked them to here. Do you know of this Major guy?”

“Ah, yes,” James says. “The Major … that would be me. I got a promotion after I left the Marines. Finally some worth cause recognizes my brilliance as a tactician and rewards me for my talents and service.”

Taeva can’t believe what’s going on here and calls on the radio: “Arvor, we need extra cover here. Jie’s gone all nuts on us.”

Jie can’t believe what James is telling her. She pulls back and looks at him with a mixture of shock and revulsion.


“So shall we all go downstairs again and have a drink and a chat?” James asks.

Jie puts her hand back on Black Betty, tears welling up in her eyes. “No …”

“No,” Taeva says too, finally in agreement with Jie. “You’ll sit the fuck down and we’ll cuff you.”

“There’s no need for that,” James says to her, with well used authority.

“Back away, Jie,” Taeva says, drawing a bead on James.

“Who is this, Jie?” asks Grim.

“James … come with us and I will ensure your safety and a fair trial,” Jie says to him, pleadingly.

She then looks to Grim with pain written all over her face.

“Trial?” James practically spits. “I have done nothing wrong. I am a liberator, working with these oppressed people to restore democracy to their fine world. We are freedom fighters.”

“Jie?” Grim calls again. Jie realizes that all her love for him has now gone. The man is obviously mad. Taeva points her pistol at James’ knee. James is starting to get angry.

“So you’re still working for the fascist Imperials, are you? Can’t you see that they are an evil empire? They claim that they want to ‘protect’ worlds, while all they care about is exploiting resources and creating buffer zones.”

Jie turns to Grim. “Grim… this is the man that murdered Sargent Beverly Meyers… here on Tarkine,” she whispers.

Arvor has had enough of this now. He raises his Navy issued experimental stun carbine at James then pulls the trigger. James drops to the ground. His mind still awake, eyes wide open but the rest of his body lay on the floor inert. Jie explains the whole story to Grim about how Beverly died – by a bullet through the head from James’ pistol. Grim’s face blanches of color as he hears the story, his face a picture of pain and anguish.

“That’s 250k in the bag,” Taeva says as she looks at James’ unmoving form.

Grim isn’t listening to her though. Calmly, he walks up to the James’s prostrate form, raises his auto pistol, and shoots a bullet between James’s wide, frightened eyes.

“What the fuck did you do that for?!” Taeva cries. “That was a month’s payment.”

“We’ll just have to find a real cargo this trip,” Grim says between gritted teeth. He turns on his heel and then walks right out of the building, without looking back. Jie’s tear-filled eyes are fixed on James now lifeless body.

“It’s better this way,” she says to Taeva. “James couldn’t stand another trial. He already shows … showed … signs of madness.”

Taeva throws her hands up. “Whatever.”

Trexalon Majors' insignia

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