Taeva's Lightweight HEV Stealthsuit


Vacc Suit Emergency Kit, Personalised, Sealant Sheath, Magnetic Grapples, Environment Reader, Extended Life Support, TL 15 Helmet Reader/DDR, Artificial Psi Shield, Submarine Function, IR Chameleon Coating, Vislight Chameleon, X Ray Chameleon, Monoknife, Smart Fabric, Medikit, Computer Weave/2, Friend or Foe HUD, Tactical Video Rig, TL 14 Thrust Pack, Army Gauss Pistol & 5 clips with HUD pickup, Duplicate Comp. Programs

ALSO Modular Coolant Rig (adds 2kg weight attached to LSP)

Weight 8 & 1.5 weapons, DR 10

The suit includes an Army Gauss Pistol and Monoknife. These are not integral as such, though the suit features built in holsters and lanyards, and the weapons are customised in the suit ‘style’.
They can of course be detached and used in ‘ordinary’ holsters (which she has).

Taeva’s suit is actually graded to Hostile Environment capability, and so will protect in
corrosive and insidious atmospheres beyond the capability of the rest of the crew’s suits.

+2 tactics
+4 stealth
-4 to X Ray, IR detection

Value: A lot (300k +)


Taeva's Lightweight HEV Stealthsuit

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