Stun Carbine

weapon (ranged)

Stun Carbine: An experimental energy weapon that fires a beam of ultrasonic vibrations. When this beam hits a human, it inflicts 1D-1 points of damage and may cause unconsciousness. The victim must throw below his current endurance score on 3 dice to avoid being stunned. If he fails, the number of points by which he missed the throw times ten is the number of minutes he will be stunned. (Subsequent stuns are not cumulative.)

A stun carbine uses a power pack identical to that of a laser carbine, which can provide 50 shots before requiring a recharge. Recharging requires at least 8 hours connected to a high energy source. The stun carbine is connected to the power pack by a heavy duty cable.

The stun carbine uses the same dexterity and range modifiers as a standard carbine, but its maximum range is 50 meters (medium range). It will not function in a vacuum. Targets wearing vacc suits, combat armor, or battle dress are immune to the weapon’s effects. All other armor has no effect on the weapon’s chance to hit.

Length: 700 mm. Weight of carbine: 3500 grams. Weight of power pack: 3000 grams. Base price: Cr3000 (if available). Extra power packs: Cr1000. Tech level: 15.


(6) examples acquired by the party after the Pavabid job in payment from NavInt, 072 1106.

Stun Carbine

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