The Princess Crew Side Arm

A nauseating yellow and pink colored snub revolver

weapon (ranged)
Flechette 10 Cr 1d6-1 Roll 3 dice to hit, use best 2. Ignore enemy dodge. 1/2 damage of Slug. 2XArmor of enemy
H.E.A.P. 150 Cr 3d6-2 Ignore 3 Armor of enemy
Slug 10 Cr 2d6-2 Standard
High Explosive 120 Cr 2d6+2 + 2 Damage per dice. 2X Armor of enemy
Tranq. Gas 120 Cr 2 Enemy must inhale gas. Roll END check with a -1d6 Mod. Failure is unconsciousness.
Laser sights TL-8 200 Cd + 1 to Close and Short range when aiming
Toughened Sights TL-9 1.5X sights Use gun as Melee weapon and still use Laser Sights.
Secure Weapon TL-10 100 Cr Weapon will not work further then 1 meter from our Medi-scaners
F.O.F. Safty TL-9 250 Cr Won’t shoot anyone with our Medi-scaners.
Speed Loaders TL-5 5 Cr use 1 Minor round to re-load cylinders.
RANGE- (SHOTGUN) PERSONAL- less then 1.5m CLOSE- 1.5m to 3m SHORT- 3m to 12m MEDIUM- 12m to 50m LONG- 51m to 250m FORGETABOUTIT
From the hip - 2 + 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 – - – - -
Aiming - 1 + 2 + 1 - 1 - 2 – - – - -

Manufacturer- Instellarms
Designed for Zero-G combat, the Instellarms “Repeller” is a common addition to the Merchantman’s weapons locker. Measuring 126mm (with 56mm Barrel) and weighing 239 grams (270 grams loaded), the Repeller is built for rugged reliability in any combat environment. Using a “break-open” design, the revolver can be reloaded quickly using available speed loaders. HEAP, HE, Gas, and Tranq rounds are available as ammo. Each cylinder can hold 6 bullets.

In one of their more disastrous voting sessions, the crew of the Unguins Princess decided to match the side arm colors to the ship and uniform colors. They must have been high that night because what they received from the gunsmith was a package of 10 yellow and pink snub-nosed revolvers with all rounded edges and grips carved like feathers. Upon seeing the new weapons Grim thinks back to that time on Grote when he met that guy who told the tale of his first Snub Revolver. Now that was a gun

“At least if we miss shooting at enemy boarders…” Jie says holding one of the soft looking girly guns between her finger and thumb “they’ll die laughing.”

The Princess Crew Side Arm

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