Saleng Sausage


A cured sausage of lean meat (from near the head) mixed with belly fat, wine and spices, air cured. Of small dimension (for a cured sausage) so as to be highly portable. Similar to the ancient earth Cacciatora sausage.


When Arvor was a boy on his homeworld of Pavabid, one of his greatest pleasures was to lie on a haystack out in the field, and chew on a cured sausage. His favourite type he knew the Saleng Hunter – a cured sausage that was often carried by men out hunting with their Warhoos for game. Small enough to pocket, tasy and nourishing to keep a man going until nightfall. But for a growing boy – enough to keep him going until the next mealtime.

Since his exile, Arvor has not been given to idle reminiscing, but the fact was, Pavabid does not export much in the way of its home specialties. Merchants don’t care to enjoy its prickly hospitality, and it never occurs to Pavabidians to produce their delicacies for export. Indeed, their religion states that off-worlders are inherently heretics and untrustworthy.

Imagine Arvor’s surprise when he discovers that an emigre enclave of Pavabidians has settled on Tarsus, and not only that – but that they have made a quite passable Saleng Hunting sausage from the local Nobble meat! He cannot resist the opportunity and buys two cases of them as soon as he sees them. In the turmoil of leaving Tarsus Down, there was barely time to get the cargo aboard in the shooting and explosions of the liberation of the Grisst Falcon. However, at significant risk, Arvor made sure his sausage made the flight.

Indeed, the rest of the crew ended up somewhat grateful – the Falcon was not provisioned for the voyage, and aside from anemic protein sticks, Arvor’s sausages were the only food on board. Arvor still manages to keep a few bags of them, and seems to always have one in a pocket.

On a journey back in Pavabid again – as luck would have it, they find themselves crated up for 12 hours at a time, and what with his sausages and hip flask of cool water, Arvor fares a sight better than his companions.

Saleng Sausage

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