"Lucky" Kimberly

A Pampered Pooch


UPP 7HB309, Bite 3d6, Fur DR 2, Move x 1.5, Instinct 10, Pack 5

The animal belongs to a species named Tensher’s Wolf after its general appearance and the scientist who named it. Tensher’s Wolf is not native to the Spinward Marches but is often imported as a guard animal. It is covered in sandybrown fur which blends fairly well with the undergrowth and is adept at hiding from its prey. Tensher’s Wolf is a pouncer and prefers to attack by surprise.

Kimberly is the mascot of the Princess.

Beloved by everyone, Kimberly is a pampered canine who generally sleeps as near to Capn’ Will as she can. Autumn has been known to cook special meals for Kimberly, including her favorite, Nobble Stew, whenever the meat is available. Her favorite chew toys are clothing that’s been worn by Taeva.


She’d been hiding, moving from rock to rock, ever since she had seen the humans arrive on the opposite shore. The three males seemed sick, staggering around weakly when they bothered to move at all. Not so the females, she noticed. After a while the two females began swimming across the short expanse of water that separated her small island from the shore. Remembering the last command she’d been given, to guard the ship, she prepared to ambush the intruders. As the two finally clambered ashore, she wondered briefly who to attack first. Then her nose caught the scent and the choice was decided for her, by instinct alone, as her olfactory organs detected the greater threat.

Bitch!’ she thought as she leaped at Taeva.

As she and the screaming woman crashed to the ground, she felt a slashing sting across her flank and she was quickly enveloped in the blackness of unconsciousness.


Her body was wrapped in a warm blanket. As she slowly woke up to her surroundings through the haze of drugs, she prepared to continue the fight, her body tensing as her eyes flew open. She caught sight of a human male, hovering above her, who crooned, “Ah, Kimberly is it? What a pretty dog! How’s my snuggams now? Did Doctor Will’s medicine make the owie all better? Who’s a snuggams, huh?”

In a split second she made a decision. Her hackles falling, Kimberly gave a small whimper and began licking the humans hand.

"Lucky" Kimberly

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