Grim times at "New You"...


Grim’s adventure…


[the petite, small breasted woman rolled off with a sigh, reaching over to wipe the sweat off Grim’s forehead before laughing, “sweety, you sure know how to make a girl…”]


[…then she whispered softly in his ear, “now how about…”]


{struggling with his throbbing head, Grim reaches over and slaps his alarm off}

“Must’ve been all the rum Max and I drank last night, but those dreams were odd somehow”, he mutters to himself.

Rising, he stretches and checks his new hardware. “Ready, set…go! πQ squared, where Q is the drive efficiency rating multiplied by the reduced fraction of interstellar hydrogen density, equals the time coefficient…”

Satisfied that his new cybernetic calculation and memory modules are functioning within acceptable parameters, Grim readies himself to go down to breakfast with the others in the hotel lounge…

- A few weeks earlier -

“Damnit, we just finished an 8 hour orofice enhancement! My hands are still sore from adding all those little Crystalliron teeth! Now you want me to operate twice in one session on your patient?” stormed Franz Lisper, Chief of Augmentative Surgery at the Collace New You facility.

“To be fair, Doctor Erlish will be conducting the reverse reconstructive surgery. You’ll be there to observe and then start the neural enhancement procedure as soon as he’s through.” said Medical Director Garkin calmy, trying to defuse the older mans anger.

“Well you’re gonna owe me one. What happened to cause this anyway?” asked Lisper, beginning to calm down a bit.

“Apparently, when the patient was woken after surgery to check the results of the operation, he began screaming and became violent. We had to restrain and then sedate him heavily. I thought our best chance to avoid an incident was to operate as soon as possible to replace the faulty augments.” said Garkin rather flatly.

“What was wrong with the enhancement procedure?”

“Well, as nearly as I can figure, the operation order was mistyped ‘Mammary Enhancement’, rather than ‘Memory Enhancement’ by the scheduling nurse…” admitted Garkin, ruefully, “so, while you’re in there tinkering with his neural functions, I thought maybe you could induce a slight memory gap? You know, just to head off a potential lawsuit?”

“Alright,” said Lisper, “but you know there are often complications when we tinker with established memory pathways…”

- the present day -

…finishing breakfast with Max and the others, Grim glances across the hotel lounge, his eyes resting on a rather voluptous woman. Turning to Max he whispers, “Would you look at the breasts on that woman, they’re huge! How disgusting!”

Grim times at "New You"...

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